Does My Fiance TRULY Not Love Me Anymore?

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loenhos1 - February 19

So I know there is alot of posts on this site that are pretty much the same thing as my current situation. I have pretty much read all of them and the comments in hopes to find a solution to my problem. Please Help

So my Fiance and I are expecting our 2nd baby this August, and since about December there has been an insane amount of tension. We used to have the most picture perfect relationship and now she doesn't even want me around. After our first daughter I had lost my job and beat myself up pretty bad about it. Ended up drinking quite a bit and hiding down stairs ashamed and disapointed in myself. During this time she began pushing me away and I felt very unwanted. I needed her support and instead I recieved nothing but negativity. Which in turn made me just stay downstairs more and drink more. At that time our love life wasnt very strong anymore either. She felt since the baby she was a mother, not a sex machine. In my opinion a solid love life is very important in upholding a strong relationship. So fast forwarding I had gotten a different job which made me be out of state for fairly lengthy periods of time. I just couldnt take this job though, management was terrbile. So I quit that job and when I got home my fiance had informed me that we are expecting another baby. I was estatic but in front of all my excitment was the sheer regret of quitting my job. I had another job lined up but they ended up taking over 2 months to get me started. In that 2 months I went back to what I knew, just hide downstairs. We tried counseling but after the first visit she just found excuses to not go. While we were there I asked her "why do you love me" he response was simply "because I love you" I had told her that isnt good enough reasoning. I said I love you because you are my rock, my foundation, my everything. I cant imagine a day goes by without being with you. That is why i love you. We have tried talking about it but it turns into a blame game. So i started the new job and there was still a lot of tension. When days off came I drove back home and found papers on the counter of here planning on leaving me. When I confronted her about this she freaked out and the rest of the weekend she stayed somewhere else. She said she wants a break. Before returning back to work, I typed up a letter. It was a 5 page letter that I had put together telling her I dont want to compile a list of wrong things you have done learning how to be a mother, Id rather make a list of all the good and bad things we have gone through that makes our relationship so strong. After getting back to work I asked her if she had read the letter and she simply replied with "yeah thanks". I poured my heart out in that letter, taking 100% blame for all this and i simply recieved "thanks". She wont answer my phone calls, and will only reply to a few texts a day. She wants this "break" but is it only a break until she has enough strength to end it for good? People say just give her space, but what is adequate space? I fear if I give her space for too long its just going to be that much easier for her to leave. Are all of these actions simply due to hormones from the pregnancy? If thats the case do I need to approach this situation differently? I call her every morning, and every night just to say I love you and miss you. Knowing she wont answer, but hoping she does. I fear so much that she has found someone else, although when I asked she insists there is no one else. If thats not the case is it toxic people shes talking to at work that are supporting this? Im so lost.. I work out of state which really makes it rough to try and fix this in person, even now that im on days off she told me she doesnt want me to come back home.. Im hurting so bad. Am I fighting a losing battle? Is her mind already made up? Does she not care about fixing us? Does she not care about me? Please help me. I dont want to lose the love of my life. But is it to late?



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