Does This Sound Like My Guy Loves Me

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faith - May 12

hi guys I know i am bit far out of my territory here but i need your help..I am 21 yrs old..very pretty..(not being vain just want to show u the situation) and my bf is like so not me..after 2months (lets say S) and I started to see eachother..i got pregnant..this was feb last yr..on jan 27th my bday i was hme by him and saw a letter posted"hi my darling" so i read and the letter stated that he had a wet dream about me..well so i thought ..reading on i realised that it was the company he worked for receptionist he had emailed..anyway..he made me take an abortion cuz he said he was working for 2000 a month which is a big lie cuz i later found out that it is actaully 12000..another lie! we live together now..but everytime i would go to kiss him he would kiss and pull away and he tells me that I get what ever i want..which is material things so i should ask for him to be emotional cuz he's not..he lets me go out with my guys friends without even worrying or calling me to c if i'm ok..and when i told him that I want another baby cuz of all the pain he put me through..i want him to give me back what he took from me..he says in the nest few years he says in the next few the way..he's 28..i really need to know if it's just me or are guys really like this..


faith - May 13



Amber K - May 14

oh honey no! Only a handful are like that. I think you just got stuck with the wrong one. Sounds to me like his ego is a little to high. Do you relize that you can do better? I promise you I was in a very similar relationship before..but now; I am 19 I met B (21) about ten months ago.. we were friends for a couple of weeks then started dating.. well we got pregnant very fast needless to say. But it didn't matter we knew we wanted to be together. I moved in with him a three months after we met and thats when we found out. I was around two months pregnant. I am 36 weeks along now we married a month ago and we could not be happier. He opens my door, tells me everyday how beautiful I am, holds my hand all the time and he can't stop kissing me! He loves to show me off.. Maybe you didn't have this baby for a reason it sounds to me like this guy really doesn't care about you.. I think hes got something shady on the side.. maybe more than just something maybe alot of somethings.. A baby is a beautiful blessing but at the same time a handful. I think if you really want a baby ask yourself why? Is it to fill a void? You still go out alot, am I correct? When you find the right person you will know and then if timing is right it will happen for you. I think you deserve better than this jerk and any baby does too. If he doesn't love you or treat you right then chances are he won't be a good father to your child.A baby will only push you further apart you need open communication with your partner to raise a baby. These things can't be forced. Enjoy your time now.. Leave this guy.. It may be hard or hurt for a while but get yourself back out there don't go looking for anything.. thats when ppl seem to settle. Let it come to you! Who knows maybe Mr. right will pop up before you know it. It happened for me. GOOD LUCK!



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