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JKC - December 20

To Heather....what's with you? Dont know what your story is, but I'll tell u mine short and sweet: I meet this woman, fall in love, go through hell for her, she becomes pregnant, and....over the last four months has single-handedly managed to treat me like sh*t in every possible way regardless of my efforts. According to her, she has done nothing wrong and I have managed to screw everthing up (kinda sounds like a pregnant woman, huh?). I'm not advocating screwing around at the first possible opportunity, but f*ck.....this woman has managed not only to simply walk out, but take my FIRST child with her. YOU as a woman will not have to worry about being apart from you kids; you get to play with them, bath them, take care of them, laugh with them EVERY day. As for me, I guess (if I'm lucky) I might get my daughter on weekends....maybe, AND I have to worry if she'll remember me, AND if she will start calling her mommy's next BF "Daddy". So Heather, who do you think has a right to be p__sed off now? Excuse me if I was thinking with my other head there for a while. I'm just trying to forget so it doesnt hurt all of the time.


to JKC - December 20

You can't justify leaving a pregnant women after 4 months. Maybe she's a "b*tch" because you're the kind of guy to call her one. Maybe you should not have gotten her pregnant. Maybe you should have found a "decent" women to get pregnant with. You already made your choice.Take responsibility and stop looking to strangers to justify your actions.


Jen - December 20

OOo shes cranky. all i can say jkc. is follow your heart. . if she is ready to give up a good thing .. her loss.. she will be the one to regret it, and your right if you find a good women and she understands what your going through more power to ya.. good luck... just make sure she is outta the house before you find another woman..:)


JKC - December 21

To Jen - Thanks for understanding me. I'm not advocating screwing around as some may think. I'm just really upset with all of this. There's no rhyme nor reason as to what she's doing to me. It makes NO sense and she hasnt even given me any real reasons. Will I go out and pick up the first girl I meet? Hell no! That's the last thing on my mind right now. I was just simply asking the question "Why is everyone telling me not to start dating other people just yet?" It was a simple question. Why do people keep telling me that? Is it because they know something I dont? Damn, share some of that knowledge with me because I'm clueless as to what's going on here.


jenn - December 22

all i can say is if your not happy now. then hows it going to work later.. maybe this is for the best.. love shouldnt be a job.. its something that comes natural.. maybe shes not the right girl for you.. its too bad shes preg. i feel the same way. but its not the babies fault.. just be the babys daddy.. good luck and merry christmas..


ally - December 26

I am very sorry for you, has she now left you do ya mean? How did she treat u b4 pregnancy? Men find it hard to understand hormones understandably cause some women go nuts, i found the hormones come in spurts, at the start of pregnancy, middle and end then i would get a break from them. It is too easy to blame hormones though, some use it as an excuse to some degree and altho u do go a bit psycho, may cry, be emotional, you dont have to be downright cruel and then quote hormones. What is the latest with ur situation? If its any help my babies daddy isn't nice either, he left us after 4 yrs of being with me and 4 and a half mths of meeting our daughter, maybe you can tell me whats wrong with ppl nowadays, i am sorry she has treated u this way. You dont deserve it and you need to think about if you are going to try and fix things with her, if she wants too is another question. Good luck and i believe as corny as it sounds that if its meant to be, it will be ..Hoping the new yr brings you some peace either way together or apart, time will tell..........


JKC - December 26

To Ally – the latest is that she moved out last week. I’ve been helping her move everything to her new place and trying to keep a smile on my face at the same time. But I feel I should start from the beginning in order to put things into perspective for you. (I’ll keep it short and simple). We met, fell in love, and she moved in with me later on. After about a month, she said she wanted to get her own place although we could still continue dating. I disagreed and convinced her to stay. She kept telling me she wanted her “space” (whatever that means) and that I was pressuring her. Another month or two went by, we got engaged, and unknowingly conceived our daughter. As time progressed, she still wanted to move out and I still wanted her to stay. She became increasingly bitter and resentful towards me until things finally ended last week. Before she left she said she did not want a romantic relationship with me although she would never deny me the right to see my baby. Since she has moved out, I have noticed a positive change in her in the way she acts towards me although it is nothing of a romantic nature. I never call her....she calls me. It’s like, deep down inside, she’s still holding on to a possibility of us getting together someday but refuses to show it (Does that make sense?). Anyway, this is the point we are at now. I think that her pregnancy only amplified her feelings. I’m not counting out the possibility of us resuming this relationship later on, but I do wonder what I should be doing now. I have a beautiful daughter on the way and I want to be in her life every single day. I can’t say what’s going in the mind of your baby’s daddy. Why he would leave 4 mths after his daughter was born is beyond me. Everyone reacts differently to the things that life throws at us. We can either choose to deal with our problems...or run from them. I choose to deal because it only helps me to become a better person. I’m 35 yrs old and this is my first opportunity in life to have a child. I even got what I always wanted...a little girl. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of walking out on her regardless of how the relationship turns out between her mother and I. Like I said, I choose to deal with life’s BS. I love my daughter that much.


to jkc - December 29

What do you expect? You had to coerce her into even moving in,and now since she has more than just herself to think of she's not into being your girlfriend...I think you left that out of your original post on purpose. You made her out to be the bad guy, not even giving the information that she was barely wanted to be with you in the first place How old is she anyhow?


JKC - December 29

I never said I "coerced" her to move in with me. She gladly did it of her own free will. She was excited about it at first. I said after about a month, she wanted to get her own place. BTW - she did want to be with me in the first place. How could you get that indication just by reading any of my posts? I think you should read carefully what ppl are trying to say before you post something. You might be giving the wrong advise. She's 29 years old, been married three times. No prior children.


to JKC - December 29

29?? married 3 times?? It sounds to me like this woman has comittment issues and does'nt even know what she wants. I don't understand why you would even propose to someone who's already had 3 failed marriages so soon.


to JKC - December 29

I'm sorry, what i said sounded kinda harsh. What i meant to say is that she's got a bad history with relationships. She dives in head first into them and then backs out. She made a lifelong commitment 3 different times and gave up. Then, she agreed to marry you too. That's her history and that's the way she is. I may be wrong, but judgeing from what you write, it doesn't seem like you knew her for long before proposing. Even if you two had gotten married, the end result probably would have been the same.


JKC - December 29

I knew her for a few months...knew about her past and all. She's always been the very nice type (not like she is now). That's what attracted me to her - her personality. But I have also though about what you were saying as well...about commitment issues and backing out later. She doesnt really tell me about her past marriages tha much but I do know that they were short-lived. Regardless, my REAL situation now is that we have a baby girl on the way. Her and I both grew up in broken homes and we both dislike that whole idea of it, yet she is willing to raise my baby away from me. WTF? All I can say is that if her att_tude as of late is due to her pregnancy, I doubt I'll be having anymore kids. This sucks *ss!!!


to JKC - December 30

I really do sympathize with you. You sound like a great guy, but it takes two people that want the relationship to work to actually make it work. I really don't think you're fiance knows what she wants right now. Pregnancy really can make you act crazy. The best thing you can do is to give her her space and let her figure things out. Even if things don't work out between the two of you, you can still have a healthy relationship with your daughter. I think you should stay in close contact with her and not press the issue of you two getting back together. Work on being her friend, that way even if you don't get back together, you at least have that friendship bond. If your daughter doesn't have parents who are a couple, at least she can have parents who are friends. And as far as the att_tude, I'm sure it'll change after the baby. Pregnancy really does make you moody. I'm moody naturally, but ever since i got pregnant i've become a certified psycho (lol). Trust me, it's not fun being a hormonal pregnant woman.


JKC - December 31

To C - First of all, I didnt run away from anything - that's what WIMPS do (your ex). If you'd read anything I said so far, you would know already that SHE was the one who left. You cant keep somebody that doesnt want to stay, right? The harder I tried to convince her to stay, the more bitter she became. I know this - I wont beg her to come back...that's just a sign of weakness. Now, secondly, I HAVE told her how I felt...more times than I care to remember. But I'll say it again for ya, you cant keep someone that doesnt want to stay. As for being a wimp...well, that's your opinion. But I will say this to you, it's not about being a p*ssy or's about maturity and dealing with life's BS the right way, and that's exactly what I've been doing so far. She left me and took my unborn child with her. I didnt beat her, f*ck around on her...none of that sh*t. All I did was show her love and and compa__sion, but she still left anyway. So I'm sitting here confused as hell wondering "Why?". But I am nonetheless dealing with it without letting my emotions get involved like a WIMP (your ex) would do because I know that wont get me anywhere. I just want to know if all this sh*t she's putting me through IS a result of her hormones or not. JKC - December 31

my apologies. sorry. i thought you left her. once again im truly sorry. She has no rights to take off herself and your child. She could be charge with kidnapping for doin that. I have to say, dont worry about her hormones, its normal for all prego women. been there done that. hopefully when shes not on a raging hormones she would come back. just have to believe in faith and keep praying for her to come back.


sye - January 1

it's the pregnancy hormones...see, men don't understand that the hormones in our bodies are going crazy and it's real hard for some of us to deal with it... you'll have to do your best to deal with's all part of the package and it would help if you really watch what you say too....some women are super's an example...look in the forum and look up the topic "insensitive jerk"



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