Father Wants To Name Child

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Tessa - October 26

My brother got some girl pregnant and they were together and she said if its a boy you can name it and if its a girl i want to name it but my brother broke up with her and we just found out that its a boy and she went back on her word and she wont let him name it and he really wants to. does he have any rights for naming the child?


name - October 26

I think that the woman has to go through all the stresses of pregnancy for nine months, and all the pain of labour, she should be able to name the child, kind of like she deserves the privelege after all she has gone through. that's just my opinion on it though,,I'm not sure about what the rights go as far as legally and what not..


candis - October 27

i think that the mother sould def. be able to name the child. maybe she cand convince him to name the child together!


ralphie - October 27

He has no rights of the sort and that is what happens when you get someone pregnant that you do not have a lasting relationship with. Lesson learned I hope. Life is tough.


anon - November 17

He may not have any rights, but he definitely has responsibilities...I'm sure he will owe child support!


Kay - November 17

They had an understanding, so yes. I think he should be allowed to name HIS. I don't like how some women think that men aren't allowed to choose or help choose a baby's name. Anyway, YES! It's HIS son, and they AGREED if it was a boy, he could choose the name. If she doesn't like it, then tough t_tty said the kitty when the milk was all gone.


Tina - December 4

My husband named our first son Jonathon Micheal. I loved the name. And with our daughther (dont know if this one is a girl or not will find out the 17th) I will name her Jessica Mari but he loves the name too. If we have a boy we agreed on the name Jorden Matthew. On our son's name my husband had it picked out since he was 16 (he is 23 now) and the girl name I had picked out since I was 14 (I'm 19 now) and we just agreed with each other for another boy name. I do believe if she said that your brother was to name the boy then he should be able to name the boy.


tiffani - December 6

I'm not sure if he has legal rights to naming the child, but if he feels so strongly about it, he should consult a lawyer. Perhaps a judge would make them both agree on a name before it's official. As for the ex going back on her word... she did what a lot of us would do in a break-up, especially a bad break-up, she got a little vengeful and feels she owes the man no favors.


...... - January 16

I said the same thing when I found out I found out I was pregnant, BUT when he wouldn't step up and get a full time job to help support the baby, or even try to find an apartment for us to live in I basically said screw you! Later I found out my grandma that lives with me was dying and I decided that I would name either my girl or my boy after her. I found out it was a boy and decided on the name Joey (grandma's middle name was Jo)... anywho baby's daddy hated the name and I said TOUGH LUCK!!! I'm the one going through all the pain and hard work, I did let him pick out the middle name... but only because Joey's getting my last name! muahaha


LN - March 11

No, he went back on his word. There's plenty of other things your brother should be concerned about besides getting the name he wanted.


Misty - March 15

I agree with LN, sorry if this is a sore subject for you because he is your brother and all but if he wanted to keep the right to name the child if it turned out to be a boy then he shouldn't have left the girl when she was pregnant with his child!! It is a tough thing to go through pregnancy and he left her hanging high and dry, with no one to be there for her on the days she felt bad or grouchy or whatever, I think he is a jerk to expect to have the right to name the child that he decided not to hang around for.


LiTTlePumpKin - September 23

its still his baby. But since they broke up they should pick the name together. Maybe she can pick the first name and he gets the middle name....



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