Feels Like Im Loosing My Pregant Girlfriend

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jonathanvj - October 15

we have been dating for 5 month now. she is about 17 weeks pregant. the last three months have been h__l. we moved in together about two month so at least she has made some effort. she not sure if she loves me has no respect for me wat so ever. and appriceates nothing i do. we have not even held hands or kissed in three month. it feels like im loosing her. the sad thing is that i really love this woman and would do anything for her anything. but at the same time i feel myself melting away and breaking inside. what is this all about is this hormones or is this the real thing. she has a one year old child that lives with us and the same thing happened she up and left the father and did not even give him a chance. i need some help here i dont want to end this love with her but feel that if i dont put my foot down now there will never be respect. please help


jonathanvj - November 5

surely someone has some answers for me please help


tish212 - November 6

hormones do go crazy during pregnancy....b4 I got pregnant I had an insatiable s_xual appiet_te...and once I got pregnant I didn't really want to even think about s_x.... she may be feeling this...and she may be scared like u said uve only been together 5 months...which is scary....ur not sureis it going to last..is this the one...ect...and now ur having a baby...that's terrifying...sounds like she also might be scared of commitment..especially if she did this with her first childs father...I commend u for trying...and sticking it out... but in the end u may end up in the same position as the first dad... sorry to say...have u tried talking to her? make sure u try to keep the communication open...at least that way ull know what shes feeing.... gl and keep us updated....


mjvdec01 - December 2

Something is definitely up. Until she decides to open up, just be the best most supportive man you can be. It is really hard to be nasty to someone who is treating you well. That said, don't be a door mat. Do little things you know she likes and really try not to argue with her. It may be hormones, it may be something else. Also, let her see you interacting with the other child, play on the floor, read a book. Are you close enough to her mother to talk to her, maybe she can give you some insight as to what is going on. Tell her how much you love her daughter and that if things can be worked out you would consider marriage. Moms can be very powerful. I wish you luck.


kadybaby - October 8

If you believe in prayer, that can help ; )



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