Fiance 9 Weeks Pregnant I Need Help

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fastcar - March 17

My concern is, I am madly in love with my fiancé, and we are now 9 weeks pregnant. From making love twice a day, to the sweet cards she would get me, to the nice phone call during the day, to asking me about my day, to the cuddling on the couch, to the warm hugs in the kitchen while we cook together, this is all gone after only 9 weeks of pregnancy. She will never call me anymore during the day, I will call her and she will be like, what do you want? When all I wanted to say was hi and I love you. I try to hug her and give her a kiss not on the lips but on the cheek, and even this frustrates her, she just says stop smothering me, when I just wanted to give her a hug. We were watching TV, and I want to hold her hand, and immediately she pulled away and said no do not touch my hand, just let me watch TV. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone, because this is not the women I fell in love with. I can understand, not making love all the time, because emotionally she is not in her normal state, however pushing me away as I give her a hug, or me telling her that I love her, and she does not respond, and I ask her why, and she says, do not force me to say I love you, just let me be. I feel like I am dieing inside, can anyone help? Because I feel like I am losing the love of my life.


Lillie E - March 19

i'm going to say its probably because of the hormones. i was the complete opposite of her when i was pregnant, but i've known people that have been so hard to even be around. don't think its because of you, its because of the changes her body is going threw right now. just hope it doesn't stay like this through out the entire pregnancy. try talking to her about it. she may be letting a little bit more go then she should because she has the pregnancy excuse.


jellybabe - March 23

I am 6 months pregnant and i use to be like that. I am happily married and love my husband a lot, but after a few weeks when I fell pregnant, I was annoyed and hated him kissing me or cuddling me. When I said I love you, I couldnt get myself to say it back. I hated to be interrupted when I was busy doing something. I know it must be very hard. Just try and be there for her, even if she doensnt show affection. Its her hormomes (which im sure you've heard a thousand times)and im sure later on she'll be more open again. I am so clingy to my husband now, I get emotional when he's off to work. Just be supportive and dont stop your showing of affection! Good luck to you.


big papa - March 27

Hang in there champ, shes just adjusting to this like you are. Be there for her, get her to talk to you about her concerns ( I suggest torture, j.k.) and tell her everyday that she is beautiful and how excited you are. Just wait until the second trimester one word HORNY!!!!! good luck



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