Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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danny - May 1

hi there, my fiances 14, weve been together for 2 years now i proposed 6 months ago, n we planned her pregnancy, were both rele happy bout it all, but i have 1 worry, will she be ok through labour, because shes only 14???????


kylee - May 1

yes danny she should... shes old enough to reproduce her body should be able to handle it... you guys will talk about it with your doctors too!! and good luck and congrats :0)


Jamie - May 2

You planned a pregnancy at 14? Wow...heh...I'm 23, and terrified of being a mom, so kudos to your girl for thinking she's ready.


danny - May 2

well kylee i hope she'll be ok through labour thats my only worry. and weve planned this pregnancy (it's our 1st) and weve thought it all through and shes not scared at all. thnx 4 ur replys so far. so do u think she'll be ok, i cant help but worry???


Nancine - May 4

Danny-I am a nurse who has worked in labor and delivery. Your girlfriend is not the first 14 year old to have a baby, and I am willing to bet she will be fine. It is a little concerning that you planned a pregnancy with her being that young. I am afraid it will be a lot harder than you expected. I only hope you stick by this girl for the long run. I know you will say now that you will, of course, but life happens, and your child will always need a dad. That being said, she will be fine as long as her body is mature enough for a v____al delivery. She needs to make sure she gets adequate prenatal care throughout the entire pregnancy. If a young girl is too small in size, a v____al delivery isn't always possible, or pushing can be prolonged at times with extensive tearing or episiotomy required. The size of the baby should be monitored to make sure it does not become to large for her pelvic opening to accomidate. All things her doctor should already be aware of. Good Luck!


danny - May 4

Nancine thnk u very much for your help and advice its what we need right now, and im this is the girl who i love more than life itsself we will be together forever.even tho my gurl (whos 14) is very very mature, looks older and has an older looking body, nice figure, shes very "tight" down there and im worried this could be a problem wid giving birth, would she be ok, whats the worst that could happen? reply plz


Jbear - May 5

In most states, she's below the legal age of consent. How are her parents reacting to the pregnancy? They could probably press charges against you if they were angry.


danny - May 5

they dont no me yet but they wont press charges, because they love their daughter, and wants her baby to have a dad. their angry shes pregnant, because her moms spoke to her about s_x and stuff before, but they'll be okay with it, my gurl said. i no its illegal as well, but we think age is just a number, we live in england and here its 16 years old to have s_x.


what - May 5

you have an age limit in which you can have s_x over there? That is crazy. Still trying to figure out why you are interested with a 14 year old. And how if you have been together for 2 years do her parents not know you? Something sounds fishy!


danny - May 5

in england you have to be over 16 to have s_x legally, and i lvoe my girlfriend more than anything else in the world, and shes not like a regular 14 year old girl, shes very mature, and older than her age, in more ways than one. and she decided not to tell her parents about us because of the age difference she didnt want ha__sell of them. and yes we have been together for 2 years, but i live down south of england and she lives up north so we dont get to see eachother that much but i call her on her mobile every night, but in a few weeks shes coming to live with me, because i want to look after my girl, cause shes pregnant. i love her.


Tsk Tsk - May 6

I think the more important question is how are you going to support this girl and your baby? Are you putting the responsibility on her parents to do that for you? How will this young girl finish getting an education and find any direction in life with a baby to take care of? Those are the questions you should be answering.


danny - May 7

we sorted that out before she became pregnant with my baby, i have a stable job, with enough money to support both us and the baby, we dont need to borrow money of her parents or off anyone else. i will be supporting her. when shes had the baby she will be going into college early and doin courses from there on. im sure we have it all planned out.


cathy - May 7

i had a baby at 15 and i was fine he was a heathly 8lb 21/2 oz boy she will be just fine but at that age it is not easy to raise a baby she has school and you need proper rest to get the good grades in school to become a successful person in the future i am not knocking you for doing this but letting you know its not easy at all


danny - May 7

thank you cathy its nice to hear of a girl whos been through a pregnancy at a young age. i no its going to be very difficult for me and my girlfriend, but im going to be here all the way, and to support her through everything in life. ill always support her decisions and choices she wishes to make. im just still so worried about her being in labour?!?!?!?


Jbear - May 8

I think you should start going to her doctor visits with her. If you're going to be there when she has the baby, you should get to know the doctor, and you should be there to hear any health concerns that might come up? Are you going to marry her soon? I would never suggest that anyone get married just because they're pregnant, but if you were already planning to get married, maybe you should do it soon. It can't be easy for anyone to be pregnant at 14, but I think it would be much easier to be married and pregnant at any age.


danny - May 8

yes we were planning to get married anyway, however in england (where we live) if she wants to get married she needs parental consent before shes 16. how many doctor visits would she have? how many would she have weekly? write back please.


Jbear - May 8

At first it's one doctor's visit a month, then when you get to the third trimester it's every two weeks, and then the last month it's every week. She could need to see the doctor more often if they consider her high the clinic I went to during my last pregnancy, I was high risk for my blood pressure but there were always a bunch of young teens (age 12-15) waiting to see the high risk doctors. I asked one of the moms why her daughter was high risk, and she said it was because the girl's body was still growing, and growing the baby at the same time. Maybe it's time to talk to her parents about the pregnancy, and about the fact that you want to marry their daughter.



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