Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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shell7708 - January 27

first off im about 5 weeks pregnant and im 15 it was a total acident but we have decided to keep it u say that the baby will be born in october when your girlfriend has turned 15 but earlier you said that she is starting to get a bump seen as my baby is due in september she must be only like 1 2 weeks pregnant so how the hell can she be showing a bump it all just seems abit odd sorry


jam - February 3

hey dawg i m 19 years old n mah girl is 16 n she's expecting a baby in my case i could marriage to her because she already is 16 turn in 17 in about 3 months i dunno man ,u re dead man because she z not 16 at least n u could not marriage to her till she z 16 birthday


Peanut - February 5

danny how is everything going with the babies?


coda - February 8

danny hun even thou i think u and ur girl have been a little irasposable to get her pregnant at 14 i would not pa__s judgment on u both, i really think the so called adults here should take a step back and think about what u are saying do u know were ur teenager is every min of everyday? no did not think so! in time 5 yrs will seem like nothing in the 20s and 30s it was normal for a girl to leave school at 14 and go out to work and find love and start a family i know times have changed but u do get teen pregnancys and even thou legally she could not consent because of her age it is still not rape because she never said NO she wanted this instead of verbally abusing danny like children u should be offering suport


jeesh - February 9

legally it is still rape... consent or not pal


coda - February 9

its not really the issue here a baby is being brought into the world and danny is asking for help sometimes it is easyer to judge others than ourselfs! its stachitory rape but u will find that in the uk most wont be prosicted because the girl was willing i know of no cases in the uk were in a relationship like dannys that the bloke has been prosacuted .he sounds like a nice guy who is willing to be part of her life and the babys i know alot of blokes older than danny that would not stick around for dust with there legal girlfreinds i think u ppl are soo jugment we do not know the whole circ_mstances i just find it sad that ppl are soo quick to shout rape!


SweetMotherOfJesus - February 26

This girl was only 12 when this guy started dating perhaps even having s_x with her. I have a very strong opinion on this since I live with the aftermath of a guy abusing a little girl. My wife was drawn into a relationship with her mom's boyfriend when she was 12, the guy was 26 or 27, can't really remember. At first she didn't thought it was a big deal but now she is suffering from the concequences. She was in this relationship for 3 or so years, during that time she thought that all was dandy. She grew up and finally realized that what this guy did to her (although at the time she was concentual about it) was statutory rape and that the guy was/is a pedophile. She now doesn't trust anybody, she is even very reserved in her trust with me. I have wanted to kick this guys a__s or better yet have him prosecuted but my wife says that even though she feels that he should be prosecuted she doesn't want to go ahead with it because this guy is the father of her brother and sister. Yes, there are some stories with happy endings, and yes I know that Romeo and Juliet were like 12 or 13, but taking advantage of a young girl should be punished. My daughter is 14 and I'm absoultelly positive that she is not ready to have a relationship with a 19 year old. Sure, in 5 or 6 years the age difference will not matter, but at the age of 12-14 IT IS A BIG DEAL. If a 19 year old got my daughter pregnand we will both end up in jail, he for statutory rape and me for puting my foot up his a__s all the way to the knee. This baby has probably already been born, I wish him/her the best in this life and I hope this whole thing will not mess this 14 year old life.


another teenmom - February 26

i actually got with my bf when i was 15, he was almost 20. as of now we have 2 kids, im almost 19 and we are married and have been married 2 years. not all is horrible with older guys.girls dating younger. if the guy was 30 or something, yes i see a problem, but girls do mature faster than guys. while my 19 year old bf was going to work to make money and helping his elderly dad with stuff, the boys my age were playing video games and cutting cla__s. not what i wanted at all.


wtf people - February 26

but thats what they need.. they need that age where they can cut cla__s and what not. they dont need to cut cla__s so they can go home and take care of their kid that they had freshmen year of highschool. what kind of message are people who have kids at such a young age showing their children? that its ok to go out and have s_x when your like 12 just because its fun? that is absurd


SweetMotherOfJesus - February 26

"i actually got with my bf when i was 15" 15 is NOT 12. At age 12 you are still a little girl.


Tiffany - February 27

you people are really pathetic its now almost march maybe its real maybe its not it dont matter now he asked if shed be ok she is now his questions have been answered so drop it and get a life its not ur concern if she 15 it has nothin to do with u so just leave it alone and go find a freakin hobby seriously people


rachel - February 27

hey danny u sound like a great guy supporting her and the twins. im 16 and ive been trying to get pregnant since 14 cause my sister lost hers hope to hear from u soon if u have an email addy u can give it to me and we can talk


SweetMotherOfJesus - February 27

Tiffany: It is my concern when someone takes advantage of a 12 year old girl. I hope you think it wouldn't be anybody's concern if you got raped. It has been established that physically a girl at age 14 can in most cases give birth to perfectly healthy babies. I'm giving my opinion on what I consider an abuse on a little girl. I see a lot of young girls posting here about getting pregnant at ages where you should be worried about school and sports. I'm not an old guy but I'm old enough to see past the blindness that love at that age is. Life is tough, life with a kid is tougher. I speak out of experience, I got married very young (I was 20 at the time) and I thought that I was prepared for everything, life tought me that I was wrong. It was hard, very hard, to go to college while having to provide for a family. Perhaps when you grow older you will be able to understand why some of us see this relationship with disgust.


coda - February 27

its none of our buissness thou yeah he asked for support not abuse these babys are probably born now and in this world so i wish them all the best. and sweetjesus dont be so patronising u dont know how old tiffany is and it does not matter nessaserly how old u are i am 22 and i have probably seen and done more than u have in ur life ! so lets just drop it danny aint posted in here for a while so i would say this thread is dead


SweetMotherOfJesus - February 28

Coda said: " i am 22 and i have probably seen and done more than u have in ur life !". I really doubt it. And even though its true that I dont know Tiffany's age, she sure sounds very young. You sound very defensive, you went through something similar and want to rationalize it? There are laws against this type of behaviour, they are there for a reason. The well being of a child (both the mother and the baby in this case) IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS!. If you want to justify your behaviour, thats one thing, but don't tell me its nobody's business but theirs. When they are old enough to make mature decisions and legally aquire the right to do so then they can do as they please. In the meantime society (all of us) should be looking after children so they don't get abused like this little girl.


coda - February 28

no . my big sister had a baby at 16 and has bi polar depression . my dad use to emotionally abuse us i left home at 16 bought my own house at 18 moved to australia last yr. from scotland i work in care i see some horrible stuff every day i work with deaf/blind dysabled kids , have worked in mental instatuest believe me i have seen alot dressed my first dead body at 16 these things stay with u for life. i dont need to justify myself to u thou i dont need to justify myself to anyone i just think that life is presouse and we should not holler abuse at others because we dont agree with them. life is too short and she was 14 not 12 . at 14 i was lookin after my bi sisters baby while she was out partying thats why i said its life experance not age that counts . i know alot of ppl my age who have lived sheltered lives but i was not one of them i had to grow up fast. see u dont know what goes on in other ppls lives so just think b4 u jude ppl this is suppose to be a suport group not to pick on ppl and make them feel more fritened or scared than they probably already are.



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