Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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Tammy - March 17

Is there anyone out there who cannot keep their baby for one reason or another please contanct my hushband and I we have been trying to have a baby for any years now thanking you Tammy


MaybeBaby06 - March 20

why are you getting a 14 yr old pregnant? you are taking away many years of her youth that shes going to need, shes going to reble, i cant belive a 19 year old man would even find a 14 yr old girl attractive and then be able to have s_x with her, and then even to "plan" a pregnancy, how can a 14 year old "plan" to have a baby? shes probably not even in High school! men like you disgust me and dont deserve to be fathers


SweetMotherOfJesus - March 20

"men like you disgust me and dont deserve to be fathers". Amen!


monkey123 - March 26

Oh stop being so dramatic, you silly people.


Corrine321 - March 27

You guys are very rude... Okay maybe they love each other... My boyfriend is 19 years old also and i'm 15 and we been together for almost 3 years...i'm 28 weeks tomorrow! Please stop being so mean! This is supposed to be a forum not a MEAN one either... so just please stop! Look what your doing to other people, your making them feel bad...


abbi - June 13

im 15 in 2 weeks and ive just found out im pregnant with my boyfriends baby and were making plans for our future and i think if u stick by ur gf she will be fine


snugglybugglys - June 14

This post is over a year old. From May 2005. But yeah it's gross to me too.


lilmomma88 - July 7

All I have to say is... CHESTER CHESTER CHILD MOLESTER!!!! lol your nasty!


lilmomma88 - July 7

By the way this is TOTALLY illegal!.. its called RAPE whether its consentual or not!! I hope her parents pressed charges....because shes still a child.. hardly a teenager!


kalebchase61205 - July 12

Truly that is the STUPIDEST thing in the world. 1st of its illegall its called stat_tory RAPE.. And 2nd of neither of you are old enough and apparently not mature enough to even THINK about taking care of a baby.A baby is hard work and being 14 and in labor is hard and makes it much more likely to KILL her. Im 14 my son is 1 so please listen to me. Im not saying give it up or abort it.DO NOT DO THAT. But im just warning you that this is gonna be hard. Take extreme precaution with her and be carefull of her mood swings that are sure to come around. Good Luck


franchesca - July 28

well i think that she will be okay if she really wants the baby and as long as you stick by her with her baby cause she will need you


Steff - August 3

K guys... let this post go. It's been a year and a half.... She's had the baby already. This was probably a BS post anyway.


1soontobe3 - October 24

i know this is LONG done but i just have to comment on this...GROSS! this is the same situation that my sons dad was in, not with me with another girl, and lets just say that no one is happy in that situation. You should ahve wrapped the tool


Ani - October 26

I was reading the whole story. I think I do not sopport dating a 12 year girl and making a 14 years PG. But we can not change it anyway can we. So sending some one jail or telling bad words is not the answer.If the person wants to take responsibility let him take it. I saw laots of small gairls and older guys are having s_x. It is bad to have s_x that young but no one is shouting at that. I think some how it is the fault of the socity and parents too. We should not allow having s_x that young. personal freedom is good but not till you become 18. so it is parents responsibility also to give the proper teaching to their daughter and son. The school is also responsible. I think we need a strong school system with school uniforms and no makeup please. the dicipline and very strict education will make people not able to spend times in some where else. I remenber when i was yeoung the home work and compit_tin was so tough that we heardly had any time for anything. never the less my parents were also very strict. anyway to the person who is shouting and telling bad word is also not a well educated and nice person. I think he is changing the name does not change the way of writing something. when somethig is already done it is stupidity not to solve that and create some more problem. anyway just to danny please take care of this girl but do every thing leagally from now on and teach your childer to do the same too.


StressedToo - October 27

It is defenitely the parent's responsability to take good care of their kids. If they had been doing their job then chances are the girl wouldn't be pregnant at 14. However we are dealing with a guy that is 19 (probably 20 by now) so basically an adult that should be responsable enough to NOT engage in s_x with a minor, which in most places is a crime, I don't know perhaps in some place on this earth it is OK to have s_x with children. If one commits a crime then justice should be applied, this guy basically abused a child.


Ani - October 27

ya i know it is not right. but what can you do once it already happened. I saw lots of girls and boys are really young and getting PG. I do not feel good. if the boy is 16 years also the problem is the same. I saw lots of 14 year girls are so mature and tring and fighting for 20 years boy even the boy is not ready and do not want any relationship. So basically you do not know unless you are there. I think 14 years of girls even 18 is not right to have s_x with anyone. A 20 year boy can get arracted with a younger girl but if the restriction is very strong then there will be no problem. Anyone under 18 sould be ban for having s_x and the punishment shoud be strong if cought or known. Boy and girl both. I think mental punishment is good like tell in the scool that she or he is bad and noone talkes with them kile that. So people will be concern and there will be no prooblem. Once you are 18 and standing on your own leg mens supporting yourself in different house than your parents you can have a choice of you own and you can do anything what you want. then it will be diiferent. I was reading that lots of guys do not even want to consider that their GF is PG. They just runaway. Go to the teenpg section you will see them. After reading those stuff I just freacked out. I always wanted a girl but now i want a boy, because the responsibility og the girl is lot more than a boy. If I have a girl she is going to a private girls school with high fence around it. and getting very small amount of pocket money to buy makeups and no outside without daddy or mommy till 18 and no dating till 18. I am going to be a very very strict and bad momey. Even if I got a boy the strictness will be same. "if you are eating my food you have to do waht I want.Period."



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