Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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Ani - October 27

ya i know it is not right. but what can you do once it already happened. I saw lots of girls and boys are really young and getting PG. I do not feel good. if the boy is 16 years also the problem is the same. I saw lots of 14 year girls are so mature and tring and fighting for 20 years boy even the boy is not ready and do not want any relationship. So basically you do not know unless you are there. I think 14 years of girls even 18 is not right to have s_x with anyone. A 20 year boy can get arracted with a younger girl but if the restriction is very strong then there will be no problem. Anyone under 18 sould be ban for having s_x and the punishment shoud be strong if cought or known. Boy and girl both. I think mental punishment is good like tell in the scool that she or he is bad and noone talkes with them kile that. So people will be concern and there will be no prooblem. Once you are 18 and standing on your own leg mens supporting yourself in different house than your parents you can have a choice of you own and you can do anything what you want. then it will be diiferent. I was reading that lots of guys do not even want to consider that their GF is PG. They just runaway. Go to the teenpg section you will see them. After reading those stuff I just freacked out. I always wanted a girl but now i want a boy, because the responsibility og the girl is lot more than a boy. If I have a girl she is going to a private girls school with high fence around it. and getting very small amount of pocket money to buy makeups and no outside without daddy or mommy till 18 and no dating till 18. I am going to be a very very strict and bad momey. Even if I got a boy the strictness will be same. "if you are eating my food you have to do waht I want.Period."


bumble8bee - October 28

All women are "tight" down there before having children. It has absolutely no effect on her delivery. You sound very naive and frankly not ready to be getting yourself into this very life altering situation.


amberC - October 31

i think she will be okay. im 19 and i have been doing good. havent had any complications at all. being young is kinda good. have less high blood pressure and stuff if she takes care of her self. congrats.


lawlady72 - November 1

for all still posting and responding to this, IT IS A 1 1/2 YEAR OLD THREAD!!!!! Please read through before looking silly!!!!


jenn_ns - November 2

exactly, lawlady!! and it's well past October... Has "danny" posted to let everyone know about their baby???


StressedToo - November 2

I believe the benefit of this thread goes beyond the original poster. If any other kid reads it and benefits from it then so much the better. What has been posted is in the most good advice and at least awarness of some problems that can be prevented.


babii_boo91 - November 4

I am 15 my bf is 16 he proposed to me about 5months ago. I dont think you should worry all that much but it is good to see a young dad that is standing by her side:P:P I also planned my pregnancy with my bf:P its good to know im not he only young one. Just try to be there for her as best you can. I think sh ewill be ok if you wanna talk more add me to yahoo


babii_boo91 - November 4

I htink everything will be ok for you guys and its good to see that you are supporting her


babyluftblasenontheway - November 11

Hi Danny! I am a sixteen year old that is currently 29 weeks pregnant. I won't knock on you at all for the age difference, because my finace and I have a gap too. We also believe that age is just a number, I can't believe I found someone who loves me as much as I love him. I definitly give your girl props for decieding to have a child so early. Honestly I am freaking out lol. I think she will be ok. That was a big concern for my finace and I also, will I be ok you know. But like the others said many girls have done it at the age of fourteen. Just make sure she gets all the proper prenatal and perhaps beyond. I just hope you are as commited as you say you are, but it definitly sounds like you love this girl. I hope her parents don't decide to freak out on you all of a sudden. My dad doesn't know my fiance either. But is helping me through the adoption process anyways. I also realllllly hope you don't get in trouble. Age of consent in my state (Michigan,us) is 16 also. So good luck, and if she ever has any questions tell her to post on the teen pregnancy forum or hit me up on my piczo site.


ruinous79 - November 11

Seeing as how this post is now a billion years old I won't even bother addressing the child molester "Danny". (I have my doubts as to how legitimate this post was in the first place) I think the most irresponsible part of this whole thread is the fact that we have pre pubescent girls posting on here asking advice from this perv and expecting people to listen to their c___p on how "ok" and "normal" his situation is. Listen up little girls, I am now 27 years old....I've lived a few years on this planet and have seen way too much. My biggest regret in life was getting involved with an older man when I was 17. He was 37 and took complete advantage of me. Just because you feel "mature" means nothing. You need a chance to step out into the world and know responsibility and a little more reality before you can even dream of calling yourself mature. I was a little girl at 17, 18 and 19. Never lived on my own, never really dated, had NO business being with a man so much older than me. The only good fortune I had was that when I got pregnant with his child I had a miscarriage. (after, of course, he left me crying in the parking lot of a motel) Maybe not all of these creepy s_xual predators are as extreme pieces of c___p as mine was but I know I was scarred for life. You really need to take a look into the psychology of your situation: what in the HELL would a grown man want with a CHILD like yourself? Why can't he find a woman his own age? And do you really think that if he has a thing for young girls that he won't trade you off for a younger model when you're actually finished developing? I have two young daughters and you can bet your a__s they will never have the opportunity to play Lolita to some dirty old man. I'd move to another country to get either of them away from someone like that!!!!!!


Tapanga - November 17

***To all the young girls posting their questions*** When I was 14 I met my 9 years older than me "true love" and at 16 we planned a pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful, smart, awesome baby girl. Now I WAS more mature than my age. I had been working full time supporting myself in my own place since I was 13. Taking highschool corospondence. Unfortunatly, I think generally speaking, if an older man is interested in that young of a girl (no matter how mature or not) he is immature. Now, my daughter is almost 4. He left when she was 1 (actually I kicked him out of my apartment after 8 months of sponging off me) he has paid NO child support, even though I filed a month before he moved out. He left the province, and the courts are still working on enforcing child support. He does not speak to me, or his daughter, has not since he left. I cant's say I regret my daughter...but I wholeheartedly regret having her so young. Now he is claiming her on his taxes, so I got investigated for tax fraud... I'm not being negative, this is just the unfortunate facts of my first pregnancy. While relationships of all kinds happen, all I say is safe guard YOURSELF, make the right decisions for YOU, and your baby too.


michy - October 12

I don't mean to scare you or anything but when someone that young is pregnant their is a higher chance at having problems such as the baby being premature, and some times their bodies are two small and have to get a C section done, that’s the only thing I can think off...


Cat24 - December 18

first of all whats the point in having a fiance at 14 years old when you cant legally wed till 16? seems absolutely irresponsible to me. its like two little kiddies planning on having another little kiddy!! how pathetic. i dont mean to sound patronising but it seems odd that you have only just thought about her age and how it might affect her having a baby so young!! she has not even lived her life and you have tied her and yourself down already! sounds like your fiance has some deep emotional issues that have forced her into thinking marriage and a kid at 14! is what she needs! danny you obviously have not thought the whole thing through properly. its illegal to sleep with such a young girl in the first place, which technically makes you a paedophile. thank god her family dont want to press charges (at this moment in time)!! absolutely sickenning. i feel so sorry for that poor misguided little girl. it sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do. i would love to hear your true reasons why you had to sleep with a little underage girl and why you have got engaged to her being a child still! i mean god man she hasnt even finished school! very very sick.


Cat24 - December 18

danny the reason your little ('mature' as you say) girl didnt tell her parents (no doubt she will never tell you this) is because she would know for a fact her parents would view you as a sick paedophile and not want their little girl to have anything to do with you!! she sounds like a very weak minded girl because she has not had the guts to tell them, hence no doubt she is easier for you to control!! this guy is a paedophile and is trying to cover his tracks by saying how much he 'loves' this little girl. pathetic and sickenning. he should be in a prison somewhere, before he starts fancying his next little victim. lets just hope her family do press charges, if it was my little girl i would be on to the Police straight away!


Cat24 - December 18

happy you should really not try and attack people who have commented on the clear fact that this is illegal!! in fact you are indeed the one taking it personally since you believe in your eyes it is totally acceptable as you were in a similar situation. just because you were in a similar situation does NOT MAKE THIS ACCEPTABLE. the guy is a pervert (however well it is sugarcoated) and in the eyes of the law he should be incarcerated. the comment you made about 'if you havent anything nice to say then don't saying anything at all' - what utter trash you speak. we are talking about an illegal s_xual offence here, not a general discussion about what flavour ice pop we prefer!!! you are insulting all the people who have experience of these s_xual predators and have seen for themselves how illegal and sick this actually is. you are unfortunately blinded by what you view as acceptable. try looking up 'RAPE' in a law book hun then maybe you may actually come back with a more valuable comment instead of the usual trash.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 19

CAT24 I would like to commend you for saying what needed to be said... I truly and honestly believe this post is complete hogwash. I think it was posted just to get people talking and start a debate.. which it was successful in as it was been posted in for 2 years. regardless it is indeed a good thing to mention that it is not only very illegal but also very very irresponsible no matter how much "love" or "planning" is involved. anyway I just wanted to say thank you to Cat24.



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