Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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HeatherIsHopeful - December 19

CAT24 I would like to commend you for saying what needed to be said... I truly and honestly believe this post is complete hogwash. I think it was posted just to get people talking and start a debate.. which it was successful in as it was been posted in for 2 years. regardless it is indeed a good thing to mention that it is not only very illegal but also very very irresponsible no matter how much "love" or "planning" is involved. anyway I just wanted to say thank you to Cat24.


lilyr - March 17

This is disgraceful. You are advertising the fact that you are a paedophile. You have raped this poor child, and now she will have to face the horrendous consequences of this. I do hope she recieves a lot of support and help throughout her life, and you spend the rest of your life in prison. Anyone who is agreeing that this rape was acceptable needs to seriously rethink their values. You clearly have no education on pregnancy, which worries me greatly, as this little girl will not be recieving the care she needs. Please go to the nearest police station and tell them what you have done. You are truly sick.


Tara18 - September 23

Umm i dont wanna burst your lil bubble but your lil fantasy of being so happy will pop once you have the baby. I cant believe that a 14 yr old could even fathom planning a baby, My friend planed her baby at 17 with her bf 2 yrs later they hate each other and are no longer together i hope it works out for you guys i really do for the babys sake but seriously thats such a foolish thing to do :/ could of atleast waited till she was like i dont know 17, made sure you can go the distance. Im Just really sad about this its okay for you your 19 youve lived a bit compared to her but omg 14 :( hope it goes well tho


test123 - July 4

I have a 16 year old daughter and a 12 yr old daughter. On average they are the age of this girl - woman? That means on average she can't fry an egg. In fact she probably could not find an egg at the 7 11. Come to think of it I don't think she can find a 7 11. Seriously, I think that she would become an involved sister and in effect her parents or his parents would be raising the child.


Lilchiquis13 - July 21

i have a friend who had her baby at 13 an now is 19 her mother is the one taking care of the child because shes too immature and guess what she now pregnant for the second time i feel bad for those two kids cus shes never been much of a mom to her first child now imajine a 14 year old is actually the same thing dont u think both are at the age of still playing with dolls not babies but good luck wish u guys the best


haileybaker - September 7

Hi danny. My names Hailey. Im 14 and my man is 19. Just like you guys. Don't be scared :) She'll do great. Just remember she's pregnant with your guys miricial. your baby. So make sure you have a stable home, steady income. Income will be needed for the diapers,formula,wipes,medician.. stuff like that, She's 14 (like me) Its real hard to find jobs to support a family at that age. At 14 she wont have a income,education or a fulltime job. In canada (where i am) the legal age for self consentual s_x is known as 14 but i believe 16. It takes about $40.000 or more to raise a child each year. If you or your girl need to talk you can email me or find me on facebook ( haileybebop(AT) ) Ps. Trust me, me and my man wanna have a baby and its hard to restrain. :)


monsterkrapf - January 22

i am 16 and my girlfriend is 14 and she relly wants a baby and im ok with that cuz i want a child to i am vary mature for my age my mom says so to or as she refers to it as 16 going on 30 i have been through alot and i can deal with money a house and a car and all that but im just not shure how to do all this i want it to happen cuz she does not want to wait...i am worried she has said her parents would not be mad at me but i do not no them at all and i dont want to get in trouble and lose the one i love and my baby and im just super confused rite now on how to deal with all this...i just got the news of how bad she wants a baby today and im confused and have been up allnite thinking of this...i know the post is old but there are still people posting to it so if someone could help i would be help ful thanks...and also what are the laws in the us



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