Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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Jbear - May 8

At first it's one doctor's visit a month, then when you get to the third trimester it's every two weeks, and then the last month it's every week. She could need to see the doctor more often if they consider her high the clinic I went to during my last pregnancy, I was high risk for my blood pressure but there were always a bunch of young teens (age 12-15) waiting to see the high risk doctors. I asked one of the moms why her daughter was high risk, and she said it was because the girl's body was still growing, and growing the baby at the same time. Maybe it's time to talk to her parents about the pregnancy, and about the fact that you want to marry their daughter.


danny - to Jbear - May 9

Thanks you Jbear I will be going to her doctors apooitments straight away now. I hope herself and the baby will be fine, can't even bare the thought of any thing going wrong! I don't think her parents are going to be happy with the fact that im 19 , 5 years older than her, and that shes pregnant by me, and that i want to marry her, but i no how much they love her and they'd want the best for her and ehr baby, just hope there not to dissapointed in me and her. whats the chances of anything going wrong with the pregnancy, as shes only 14 and still "growing"? and what things are more likely to go wrong given her young age? reply please.


Kristin - May 9

Danny- Anything could happen, while yes she is young and alot of young moms have great pergnancies, their are some that are not so fortunate. I still dont understand why anyone would plan for a pregnancy so young, Im 19 married, a stepmom to a 4 year old, and expecting my first in August. I miss not being able to go out with my friends now and missing out on college, but this girl is going to miss out on alot more, how about the rest of her childhood?


danny - May 10

i no people will say to us, your doing the wrong thing, people always say to me im older so i've had plenty of relationships, been to many clubs and parties etc, and i understand that my girl wont be able to go to clubs and everything like most older teenagers would, in the future, however shes had some experiences, i mean like, shes a dancer, and already shes danced in lots of night clubs infront of hundreds of people, (shes like a professional dancer even though shes 14), also shes done modeling abit of modeling and been out with a celebrity, so as you can probably picture shes definetly nothing like a typical 14 year old, shes very mature in many different ways. She isnt going to miss out on to much though, shes already packed in modelling she'll be able to do dancing again in a few years, and occasionally she'll be able to go and do her own thing, il always be here for her and if she gets tired or stressed out at times ill be there to take over so she'll be able to kick back and relax, or do what ever she feels. im not going to be an average dad who participates in some of the babys life. i'll be there for her every second of the way. shes chosen her babys god mother (her bestfriend) and shes going to look after her aswell, weve only told both our parents and ive told a few mates and shes just told her best friend about the pregnancy so far. Were planning everything, which I think is very good and mature of us to do at this age. We have a few worries obivously, such as hoping shes ok in labour and that the full pregnancy goes well. I understand people are always going to judge her and me, however we love each other and its not liek shes just a teen whos got herself preg, were inlove and want this and we can support the baby and everything! Shes just starting to get her bump now, were getting very excited!!


Kristin - May 10

Well I think first off that their is nothing proud of being a dancer at the age of only 14, i dont care how mature you are physically and emotionally let alone mentally. I dont know many men who are ok with other men seeing their wife or girlfriend entertaining others for the sole purpose of money. Its quite degrading, you really thing she will get that perfect body back? Maybe she will, maybe she wont. Having ababy will change everything in her life and not to mention, her parents dont have to agree to letting her stay with you, hey may demand that she live with them because of the fact that they dont understand how a 19 year old "man" wants to involve himself with someone who cant even get their drivers permit for 2 more years. Its kind of gross. I am quite mature for my age, but even with me being almost 20 , i would be d__ned if i would involve my self with a man who is almost 30. its gross. Physically, I cant see planning for a pregnancy at 14, whther or not she is mature or not, she still only has a body fit for a 14 year old, andything can happen. I think if you would of really sat and figured things out beofre getting her pregnant , you would of seen its alot harder to raise a baby than you think. In 2001, it was estimated that from the age of birth to 18, it cost more than 170,000 dollars to raise a child. Thats alot of money and its now 4 years later?


danny - May 10

Firstly my girl isn't that type of dancer!! As if a 14 year old would be dancing for men for money, and when shes got a bf!!!! she dances in clubs, as a hip-hop and street dancer!!! And I am proud of her for being so talented in this! secondly its your own opinion on the age of people you go out with, but i no of many people who believe age doesnt mata in relationships as long as theres trust, love and support. Age at the end of the day is just a number to us both. And we no having a baby will change both our lives but in our case for the better. You mentioned about how expensive it is to raise a baby, etc, however as ive said in other posts i sorted out my financies before she got pregnant, and i have plenty of money if not over enough to raise our baby and buy everything we need. And she will be living with me withn a a month or two now. We didnt not think before this pregnancy, we planned everything before I got her pregnant.


Kristin - May 10

Do not get defensive. I am simply offering insight into the decision on having a baby. And here in the U.S. being a dancer usually means stripping, so explain that next time. And while I do agree age is just a number, their are alot of people that just dont think that way. Believe me I know. I am married to a 24 year old and while yes we have enough to raise this child that we are expecting, i know that all the money in the world will not be enough to give this child what they deserve. I dont look down on you for wanting this, it is just hard to understand a 14 year old planning a pregnancy.


Danny - May 11

Kristin ok I understand you, I no it will seem crazy to some people, about us planning her pregnancy, however people don't really understand the situation for us here. I no money can't make you happy, but because we have enough money to pay for everything and we both are really loving, we should be and have told we will be brilliant parents, which makes us smile :) Yea we'll always have our worries about her pregnancy, although doesnt everyone? We'll support eachother the whole way through this pregnancy, and i'll always be here to help out with everything!!


Kristin - May 11

Well thats great that you are going to be thier, there are alot of men that would just walk away and not take responsibility. Just make sure to stick to your word and support her in every way because she is going to need it. While no , money cant by happiness, but love can. That is the keyword for you guys to make it. She is going to get moody and b___hy, but you just have to realize its the hormones not her, and she may say some mean things when shes in labor but she wont mean it. GOod Luck!!


danny - May 11

lol thank u for your more positive comments there very much appreicated, and lol i no her hormones are going to be going wild, but she wont be b___hy she aint like that at all! ill stay by her weve wanted this 4 ages now but shes 15 in october so she'll be 15 wen the babys born! cant wait!


Marie - May 13

I was 14 when I met my boyfriend and he was 19. I got pregnant just after I turned 15 and everything was just fine. Im shoure she will be just fine too. My son is now 2 1/2 years old and we are all very happy.


Danny - May 14

Awww Marie thats a lovely story, and yes i hope it all goes well for us to!


Sick!!!!!! - June 4

Why would a 19 year old man want a 14 year old girl? This is called RAPE!!!! Sick, very sick man!!! Get some help. Leave that little girl alone. Find someone your own age.


Heather - June 13

Hey Danny, Don't worry bout what those other ppl are sayin. sure there are 5 year differences but u sound like you really love this girl. I am 14 and i am datin a 17 year old...and right now im waiting to find out if im pregnant...sadly im hopin im not...i do want a kid but i think about how hard and stressful it is. but o well i am happy to hear about other teens and stuff and to know im not alone id like to talk to you more via email or msn my addy is thanx danny and hope to talk to you more!


older and wiser - June 16

Danny, You will find out the hard way having a baby is not as easy as you think. I sincerely hope your lady friend does not come down to live with you. I hope she stays with her parents for some stability and support. If you are 19 years old (college freshman age), dating a 14 year old (8th grader) and got her pregnant...I am afraid to see what the rest of your life will be like. I would be very surprised if you make enough money right now to support even yourself, let alone two children (14 yo and baby). Things in England are not THAT different then here in the States, and at 19 years old, you are an adult and capable of being charged and convicted with child molestation and claiming the t_tle of "s_xual predator" for the rest of your life. If I found out you were dating my 14 year old daughter AND got her pregnant, you bet your a__s I would press charges against you. I would also drag your a__s through civil court and take you for everything you have. You are SICK and a disgrace to the human race.


To Danny - July 6

How can she be your 'fiancee?' In England, the age of consent for s_x is 16, you cannot get married before 16 regardless of whether you have parental consent or not. You have committed an offence and if found out, would be placed on the s_x offender's register (I'm pretty sure that this would also prevent you from working with children if ever you wished to do so._ Let the poor girl have a life - whatever she wants now at 14 is certainly not what she'll want 10 years down the line. And remember, what you are doing is most def illegal.



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