Fiances 14 And Pregnant Im 19

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mgw - August 2

I'm I the only that's creeped out that this guy was 17 and started dating a 12 year old!!! What's done is done, but anyone who is s_xually attracted to a 12 year old is creepy. It's really sad because she'll never get to experience the rest of her "childhood". This should be a warning to parents to lock up their little girls!


elizabeth cohen - August 2

well im pregnet to 1m 18 tell to hold she will get througth it


paul - August 24

obviously you havent thought this through too well if you think being 19 and being with a 14 year old is ok....and thats just the beggining somehow you two think your ready to have a kid too ? THINK AGAIN! you'll go broke in no time how much money do you make mister big time 19 year old? how must does she make? o wait shes still in junior high.....


no, Paul... - August 25

She's not in jr high - she's aparently a genius because she is going to take some college cla__ses after the baby is born... She's also a hip hop / street dancer. Scroll through - it's all there... What would a 12 year old have in common with a 17 year old? Very stange...


teenie - August 26

Why didn't you worry about her health and her body before? Sinced you planned the pregnancy. She should have gone to the Dr. before you made the baby to make sure she was in good health.


Danny - August 31

hi there everyone! thank you for all your replys and advice so far! Sorry I haven't replied for a while, but as you can imagine I've been looking after my girl in her pregnant days! And we found out yesterday that shes having twins! Were both very excited! Think she's a little bit nervous, of having two little ones, but I suppose thats natural! Thanks again to all your replys! X


Shay - September 5

No she won't be ok. Her body is not mature enough to support one baby much less two through out a pregnancy and if she does make it to labor there is a good chance that it may break her pelvis and cause her to have an emergency c-section that my potentially kill her, again this is due to her body being unable to comply with the demands of pregnancy and labor due to the fact the she has not yet matured as a woman.........did you conside THAT answer when you were PLANNING this pregnancy with a little girl? Ok now that I am done being sarcastic and nasty...I have to actually say that is sounds like "danny" is making this up. If not then I feel sorry for the two of you and good luck because you are gonna need it. Oh and Danny, if one of your twins happens to be a girl, make sure you keep her away from the boys a little longer than 12 years, and if you have a boy, do the same for him and if you can't for gods sake TEACH THEM ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL!


mel - September 6

I also thik Danny is making this up. He posted in May and just found out in August they're having twins???


Danny - September 6

No I'm not making this up, my purpose of writing on this website was to get as much advice as I could from people who could help me! Thing is my girls pregnant now and I'm going to be the dad of two little ones soon, we can't change that, (even though we wouldn't even if we could)! I appreciate all the advice that I'm recieving from people on this website, and I'm always pa__sing on information to my girlfriend! She's doing okay by the way, just feels exhausted most the time! So thank you for all your advice! Bye for now!


ky - September 14

Good job Danny..u could have let her finish high school, college and get a career..oh well.


getting lotsa replies - September 15

welcome to the jerry springer show


To Danny - September 18

I am far along is your pregnant 14 year old?


What The @!%&@ - September 20

What the hell is the matter with half the freaks in here? We are talking about a CHILD who was 12 when this sicko started "dating" her. I want to know where her parents are in all this. I am a mother to a 4 year old daughter and you bet your a__s that when she is old enough to go places on her own(in my opinion 12 isn't even old enough) she won't be doing it unless I know where she is going, with who and when she will be returning. She won't be going with people who's parents I don't know and lastly we live in a world with a lot of sick people (Obviously) so she will be told that mom can show up anywhere anytime. Parents are the key. Raise your children right, have communication. And Danny if somehow my daughter did become involved with a sick, twisted, waste of human excrement like you, you better believe I would press charges. I would use every single law I could find to make sure you didn't do this to someone else's child. How's that for advice? SICKO


to m and danny - September 22

m ;read again ! I would call this a case of puppy love gone oddly legit . DANNY ! ; although a 14 year old girl is very capable of going through labour you really sound like you are ashamed almost as though you are pushing your age gaps farther apart , like she turned 14 today and you'll be 20 tomorrow ... read your guestion again and you will see what I mean . So you can't really blame m for the comment although m's comment was neither positive or negative . It was just resourcefully useless meaningless and blunt . I hope you are ready for this and have a healthy baby and happy relationship . Good Luck and Good Wishes .


ginger age 14 - September 24

i guess she'll be ok!! but in my parent and child developing cla__s were talkin bout this and shes not ready yet, she's not done growing yet!! she'll be under alot of emotional and social stress!! Just give her alot of attention and be there for her the whole time!!! Make sure she eats properly so the baby won't have low birth weight. If she is going to cla__ses go with her and help!!!!


Tabby - September 25

I have quit a few questions. First of all why would you be interested in a 14 year old CHILD? I don't care how mature she seems that girl is still a baby! You are not a man just a pervert! And then to post something like this on the internet and ask for people to help you with a question like that! If you really cared about this girl you would be with her the whole time and you wouldn't be asking people on the internet about her delivery! You should be at the doctor with her!! What were you thinking? Did you think that people would actully support this? Another thing is I would like to know exactly what kind of job it is that you have that you feel you can support her and a baby?! You say you thought this through but is that really whay happened? I mean your stuck now because she's pregnant and the babies comming but what was going through your head to let this happen! This isn't playing house Son this is another humans life you are now responsable for! You can't discard her and the baby when you get tired of them! I think you made a very HUGE mistake but I hope your true to your word and stick with her! Good Luck!



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