For The Daddys To Be Your Other Is Expecting Your Child

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Diann - February 15

For the daddys-to-be.... your other is expecting your child. There is nothing wrong with her that says she can not be s_xually with you. Do you find her just as s_xy now carrying your unborn or if she wasn't pregnant? Would you go out of your way not to be physcial with her? Would you prefer to "self serve yourself" instead of actually having physcial contact with your expecting other? If your other knew you were indeed "self serving yourself" by means of video etc, how do you think she would feel about your actions? How would you feel if she felt as if you were cheating on her by reverting to other means then her for your s_xually needs? Would you not think she was cheating on you if she went else where instead of you? I ask cause I do need a little insite on this matter cause I do feel as if I'm being cheated on for carrying my husband's child. please advise


Tuckerfury - February 15

Honestly, I find my wife even more s_xy now that she is pregnant. I can barely keep my hands off of her. However I will admit I was a little standoffish at first. I think it's normal for a guy to be alittle worried about" damaging" something but after a little while he should come around.


Diann - February 15

i'm almost 32 wks. not much can happen but labour.


Diann - February 15

thnaks for your insite


sumgirl01 - June 12

i dont see what is so bad about this, my boyfriend services himself everyday lol even before i got pregnant thats just how he is, he still cant keep his hands off me either though lol now what is with that????


OneMoreTime - June 15

My husband couldn't keep his hands off me during my 1st pregnancy. It lessened during my 2nd pregnancy. It has really lessened during my 3rd pregnancy. I think this has to do with me feeling completely insecure and ugly. I seem to have grown more insecure with myself. I love being with him, but sometimes, I feel better to just pleasure myself, I don't have to worry about my b___t being to big and my stretch marks showing or whatever.


AirForceBagelboy - July 3

I really can't keep my hands off my wife. I love the fact that she is pregnant. She knows that I sometimes service myself, but since I alsopay a lot of attention to her, it isn't a big deal between us. I honestly find myself more attracted to my wife now than before. I was very nervous at first, but after a while I was able to get it through my head that there was no way that I could hurt our baby through s_x, unless I was really rough with her. Don't let his self-service scare you. as long as he still pays attention to you.



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