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young_mum_2_b - May 13 i'm due in in just under 7 weeks, i'm 17 and my boyfriend is 18 in about ...7 weeks!! I'm due on the 1st of July and his birthday is the 30th June....i so dont want to have this baby on his birthday because i would feel awful! His younger brother is 16 on the same day as he's 18..and his other brother is 15 the day before that!! i'm really worried he's gonna be mad if i have this baby on his birthday...coz his 18 he's the legal age to drink and etc coz i live in Australia...and he wont be able to do anything coz i could go into labour...guys if u were in his position would you be angry?? i know i cant help what day our little girl arrives but how would you feel if you were him? can u give me some opinions please?


Mommy - May 14

Speaking from a males view, when my wife had our youngest son it was her parents wedding anniversery, the day before my best friends' 22 birthday, and 4 days before my 22 birthday. This is "mommy's" husband, just so you know. My best friend wanted to go to Vegas, and take me. That was out of the question lol. I was not angry at all because my wife was having my baby, so I knew she would need me. I would actually have been kinda flattered if he was born on my birthday. 4 days off it ok too though. Anyway, coming from a guy, if he was any kind of man he would know you can't help when your kid pops out and that watching your woman give birth to your child is kinda gross looking but way more rewarding than getting plastered and acting stupid then getting a hangover. P.s. I do not frequent forums, my wife just wanted my input here and that's what this is. Anything else goes through her.


young_mum_2_b - May 14

to Mommy and her Hubby...thanks...u really put my mind at ease..and your right....he should be flattered i'm going through all that on his birthday!! and that it is more important than his getting wasted!! thanks heaps..Mommy you've got urself a good catch there!! Congrats!



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