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babygurl_00 - February 10

i am two months pregnant and it was not planned infact we were using protection. Now that i am though i am a little excited and i do not want to have an abortion, mostly because it is against all my major morals. But my boyfriend is in university right now and has decided that me keeping this baby is me trying to ruin our relationship. He says he will drop out of scool and resent me for ever if i do this. I cant even imagine giving this baby up though. What sould i do??? I love my boyfriend more then ever, but i cant have an abortion without seriously regreting it??? Help!!!


charlie red - February 11

tell him that you respect his feelings on the subject and that if he doesn't want to no then you'll do it on your own. He's obviously self centred anyway. Chances are that once he's got used to it and had time to think about it he may reconsider. Don't pin your hopes on that though. If you dont feel like your capable of living with yourself with an abortion and that its the right thing for you to do to keep it then do it honey. It not worth the pain afterwards believe me, i've been in the same situation. Good luck


nate11 - February 11

sounds like he thinks the world revolves around him. If he loves you truely then he will respect your decision to keep the baby. And if he dont do that then hes not right for you. Not trying to offend you or anything, but you have to think about what you want too not just what your boyfriend wants.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 13

he don't need to drop out of school for the baby...and besides he had s_x with you, he knew the consequences. Not to mention you don't want to hate him for makin you give up the baby


Bridget - February 14

If you choose to keep your baby, then get ready to put this boyfriend on the back burner (or push him off the stove altogether)if he continues to act so selfishly (which he most likely will, people rarely change overnight). Sure, the baby was unplanned and you tried to prevent conception but how you became pregnant doesn't matter in the least anymore. You are going to have a baby and the child's welfare should come first, esp. over a relationship to a selfish man, unless he's just reacting out of shock and will come around and step up to the plate and marry you. Sorry, but since I've become a mother, I can't imagine being a single mom, it must be so hard for all the single parents out there, because kids deserve 2 loving parents. But even if he leaves you high and dry, if you want to keep your baby, it's 100% your choice. I hope you have some help from friends or family, it's so tiring at first. I'll pray for you and good luck.



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