Guys Opinion About Being In Delivery Room

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Atarahsmommy - May 31

Ok, my husband is a great guy, but I know he is nervouse about being in the delivery room with me, one because he doesn't like to see me in pain, and two because it is pretty gross, I know he will be there and be a great help to me, and I really want him to experience the birth our our baby with me, I watched my baby SIL be born and it is the most amazing thing, but I am worried that maybe it wont be the same for him, I want him to experience it, but I need to know from some guys who were there if it was more traumatizing seeing your wife in pain and all the gross stuff or was it more rewarding?


Atarahsmommy - May 31

Ok, let me rephrase that because there is no way I won't have in the delivery room, but should I make him watch when she is actually coming out, personally I think it is the most amzing thing, but I am a woman, I need to know what men think


sophandbob - May 31

my boyf says it is not necessarily traumatising, but more frustrating at not being able to do anything about it. He says the rewards outway the negatives.


Atarahsmommy - May 31

thats good to hear, plus if I am the one in pain and after its over it is worth it, I guess if he has to deal with not being able to help me it'll be the same, when its over its worth it


jrcreations - May 31

My mom said that when my biodad walked in during it, he fainted, lol, serves him, anyway, my brother's father wanted to be in the room, I don't recall being told if he was, and if he liked being in there (if he was at all). My husband will most likely be there to hold my hand, as I would want his comfort. But I would NEVER watch a pregnancy... I get sick easily.


HannahBaby - June 1

My husband was great. I thought and he thought that he would never hang the delivery but the pain never bothered him. We knew that i was going to be having a baby and we knew that it was going to hurt so i guess we were prepared. My mom was the one who was all uptight about me being in pain but hey what do you expect. You are pa__sing another person out of your body...of course its going to hurt!!


EricaG - June 1

My husband said that he doesn't want to watch her coming out. I totally respect that. If he thinks he won't be able to handle it, or that it will gross him out and take away from the experience, or even that it will affect our s_x life later, then I don't want to take any chances. If I were you I would just tell him to make a decision and then respect that decision.


Atarahsmommy - June 1

Thanks for all your input, he has already said that he will be in the room, but he just wants to hold my hand and stay up there, but he has even agreed to look just when she is coming out, but I'm not not sure how much he agreed to look just because I really want him to. I saw my SIL being born and I get sick really easily especialy when it comes to blood, but I didn't get sick it was just so amazing I want him to experience that, but I don't know if it would be the same for him, was it just so amazing because I am a woman, would it be the same if he was just there to hold my hand and saw the baby after she was born? Any tips from dads who saw the baby come out, or women who's men saw the baby come out?


San - June 1

My husband didn't think he could watch our daughter being born but when it came down to it he just kind of sat in a chair by the end of the bed :) So he saw everything but felt better being able to sit. He even cut the cord which he swore he wouldn't do. So maybe that's something your hubby can consider, gl!


Atarahsmommy - June 2

Thanks for the idea, sitting in a chair might be a really good thing, I want to have a mirror so that I can see, so maybe if he stays by my head he can just see her the same way I do, in the mirror


Ed - June 3

I pretty much saw the whole thing, including the incision and whole placenta thing. Even though its horrible to see your wife in pain and to see some of the less fun details, I would not have missed it for anything in the world. Never have I witnessed anything more emotional. Of course that might be not so true if you get an epidermal. I saw an epidermal delivery a few times on tv and it was really really not emotional. No sweat, no pain, little emotions, pressing a bit more and flooop.....that's just not how mother nature intended it to be.


Olivene - June 3

I would let him decide at the time what he can handle. Don't give him expectations you have about what he should do- it might just add to his stress. If he stays near your head, he is still experiencing the birth! He might decide he wants to see more, though.


sc_august - June 7

my husband was surprisingly w/ me from start to finish. Throughout pregnancy he ALWAYS said he'll be in the waiting room or even on the side corner at the closest when it comes to be being in labor. But when the day came, he was actually the one holding my legs together and telling me to push every contraction. It was amazing and astonishing to have my husband coach me unexpectedly. The nurse initially had ask him to hold one of my legs while she held the other, but then she went off doing medical doc_ments for myself and my husband was left w/ no choice to sustain my nerves. He was great-- He saw everything from the crowning to the placenta being delivered , he stated to me that he wouldn't have missed it for the world. I asked if we were expecting again in the future would he do it , and funny thing is, he said no..but only time will tell. Good luck. I can definitely tell you it's very rewarding to see your child being born.



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