Guys Who Think There Girls Dont Love Them I Hope This Helps

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i25 - August 1

you know i was never the typ of guy to cry as hard as i did for a whole week i was so depresed would cry for any thing that reminded me of her then try to be happy then another 30 min would pass and id be sad now i look back and laff my head off in 20 and so is my gf i love her so much this chick had mee googleing y my gf dosnt love me it hurt me sooo bad i would smuther her so much in fear she would leav me and it drove her away i hope not for ever but right now i think i did she if my life but it just tripped me out that i was so depresed over her but then to day god let me realize that this was just a mood swing lol im so glad he let me realize it becaus it was driving me crazy for all u guys out there trust me i know u wont lissen to me but im going to tell u any ways give her some space not so much tho im planning on giveing her a couple of days becaus i feel i smutherd he too much tha past week right now i feel sad she dosnt love me but not that sad that i want to live with out her i honestly beleav becaus me and her are ment to be got let me feel alittle bit of what she could be feeling every one would tell me to leav her for acouple of days but i couldnt it hurt to be away from her i thoguth i was giving her love i probly was but a a little to much u know ? but now i feel so much better just pray and keep god in ur hear and things will work out i just hope its not to late for me and i will pray for all u men as well ! i hope ur gf or wifes come thrue and u all can be a happy family i really just want to thank god for letting me go thru this its going to be funny telling my kid i went thru hiz mommys preg simptoms lol and if every one could pray for me as well that me and my girl get back together thank u all i will be back to give updates to thank you all


i25 - August 4

stopyourdivorce . c om go to that web sight trust me guys im hear for you all



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