HELP He LEFT B C I M Pregnant

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V - November 11

I just need support, I told my "boyfriend" crying my eyes out b/c Im pregnant and he's kicking back and relaxing because he doesn't know if Im lying...why would I, I swear I've never wronged him and he always failed me but i keep 4giving him, he shutting me out, not answering the phone for 3 days now, it's not fair, me stressing ouut, he left me with this problem, i understand it's a beautiful thing but not if u have to deal with it your self now that i know who he really is. And i know sooner or later im going to 4give him, beacuse I KEEP CALLING.


eva - November 15

he might be a bit shocked about the whole pregnancy thing - give him some time and once you get real round he will have no choice but to beleive you - don't get stressed.. it's bad for you and baby... try to speak to somebody about it.. i'm sure your friends of family can help you through this - or at least listen. take care..


V - November 15

Eva, thank you for answering but to tell you the truth my family doesnt know and i really am not in the posotion to be revealing something so big and besides my friends well they are there for me but to a certain point. He still hasent answered till this day. I guess I just need closure...Thanks


k - December 7

hey v i feel for you when i was pregnant with my son his father left me when i was 3 months pregnant try to find someone that you can trust and can talk to about this or write everything in a journal don't keep anything in it not good for the baby and let your family know they can be the best support group. it may take him a long time to come around my son is 2 and his father has just seen him for the first time this year (he be go and now locked up) and when he seen him he cried because he realize what he missed so hang in there


Jen - December 29

The same thing in a twisted kind of way happened to me.... my boyfriend was never "really there" for me but I kept him around and one day.....i'm pregnant, that was that....i asked him to help me (because so far, i've been having an extremely complicated pregnancy) he just didn't want to care, love, and he was a very hurtful person, your ex-man sounds similar kind of. If he doesn't want to be there now, you know when things really get hard after you have the baby, he's not going to be up for that if he can't even handle a simple relationship...but i tell you one thing, if you plan on having this baby, dont' let him stress you out, that's one of the reasons i have been having such a bad much stress the doctors and everyone around me says. good luck, stay tough and it hurts but just let him go. i wish you the best, right now i'm going into my 9th month, if you need someone to talk to with the similar situation you can e-mail me: [email protected]


babygirl - December 29

if hes that big of a loser then you dont need him alots of girls had babys with out men i did it with my first one. and would not change it for anything


B - January 4

i agree with babygirl you dont need that loser you can get through this alone. i did with help form family and im only 18 and have a 2yr lod son dont worry it will be fine.


salie - January 5

V, how far along are you? if you need support then email me at [email protected] hope i can help.


Nikki - January 6

You did mention that he always failed you. It should have been clear that if something like this would happen that this is how he would react. Maybe he is in shock about it, but refusing to talk to you is not excusable. You are not the only one responsible for this, and no doubt you feel as much, if not more shock than he does. I know it must be painful, but you must forget about him. Everytime you feel the urge to call him, think about how he abadoned you and this pregnancy. And get away from the phone! Call someone else that you can trust, instead of him. If you continue to make yourself available to someone who continues to reject you, the pain will never end.


N - February 28

I understand your pain...I found out I was pregnant and my boyfriend of 8 years decided he was not ready and could not give any type of commitment...he could not sya that he would move in yet alone marry me...He is now telling people that I have a fatal attraction for him and that I am using the pregnancy to trap him....I later found out that he was still in communication with his ex who has caused problems for us in the past...He too has not called and I had to find out through one of his confidential sources that he wants nothing to do with me and the baby, although just less than 2 months ago, we were on a Caribbean vacation together...I do not know what the answer is and I try to get through day by day. I have found a network of support even from his own family who is repulsed by his actions...I find the hardest thing is trying to stay positive for the harmony of my pregnancy whilst not knowing how to get through this without him by my side. I go to counselling and have someone to call whenever it gets tough - but I know now that could not abort the pregnancy and I will have to ensure he is not going to be harmful to me or the baby at this stage. Stop the calling and try to get external help, and leave his cowardly & selfish b___t behind. You will find that you too will get through this one day at a time if you choose to continue the pregnancy. I have heard that it is the single most rewarding and wonderful blessing you can have - and I don't doubt you will be a good mom and will be able to survive this mess. Get hi for all the child support you can when the baby is born! Stay strong!


Ella - March 4

Lots of woman raise their child on their own. Be strong, you don't want him walking in and out of this child's life. He's either with or without you. Try not to be so stressed it might trigger a miscarriage. Good luck to you


AMI - May 14

Hi ive recently just found out that i am expecting (2 months), i told my boyfriend of over 2 years and he has left me, we were living together for over a year and i thought that we were really in love. His parents came over to my flat last monday and tried to convince me that i should abort the baby, they would'nt stop for breath, and kept banging on and on how this was the worst thing that could ever happen to me or my then boyfriend. They were so bad that i had to leave. The next day he moved out, even though i asked him to stay, i love him so much. He now has took all his belongings and left, im gutted. Im like u honey, trying not to call him and beg him to come back, but he wants nothing more to do with me or the baby. Im so hurt. I just wanted u to know that i can understand where u are coming from. Ami


Daisy Jean - May 18

Ladies, No man is better than a bad man. You have to move on. It will suck and it will take some time, but these guys are small potatoes compared to the baby inside you! Try to focus on the good. I think you've got the best part of him anyway. A year from now, you'll wonder why you ever wanted that SOB in your life. Best of luck. Be strong.


Leanne - July 7

He sounds immature..Leave him out of the picture all together..Tell him if u play with fire, u will get burnt..To wear condoms in the future


Lawrence - August 3

Girls..Girls..Girls boy you guys and men. It runs me nuts to see how many girls waste their time with complete low lifes. What is it about bad boys that attract girls? You know how they are going to act, and you know what they are going to do in the end yet you continue to put up with them and their c___p. The reason hes denying your baby is because he doesnt want a baby...why? because hes a bad boy, and thats what bad boys do, they break hearts and they knock girls up then they dont take responsibilty, i feel for you V, and for all the poor girls in your situation, you must and i repeat you must break the chain of the bad boys, i dont know you personally, you may not date bad boys, this could've just been bad luck ending up with this jerk, but in the future before you become to involved with someone make sure they have something going for them or they at least have a good head on their shoulders. Bottom line is this, not just to you V but everygirl out there that is dating a bad boy, or likes bad boys, You cant change them, they wont change for you, they dont love you, and lastly, they will not accept responsibility for your baby. So do yourself a favor and your baby a favor, have a child with a man who wont run off like a coward, a man who cares about more than himself, give up the bad boys, they arent worth it.



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