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odis - January 24

im 18 and im going out with a 14 year old we are happy in love and i think she is now pregnant i would like to have it but i dont know if she dose and i dont know if i will go to jail i live in tx what do yall think i should do plez help


Brandi - January 26

Is this real? How can an adult man be in love with a little girl? If you really loved her, you wouldn't be having s_x with her and running the risk of ruining her life by getting her knocked up at 14. You would probably go to jail, but you belong there.


momma3tobe - January 27

If I were her parents, I'd have you locked up. There is no excuse and a 14 year old is not capable of having an adult relationship (sorry to all you 14 year olds but your just not) much less being a mom... you need to break it off with her and pray she isn't pregnant because you have committed a crime.


kristina1980 - January 27

Don't be all so judgemental. I was 15 having s_x with 21 year old. But that was different country, different laws. 18 is NOT adult man, and 14 is not a little girl. In US like everywhere else in the world many 14 years old are very mature and eager to have s_x. However ODIS you know your laws and you should not have s_x with that "child". You don't have to go to jail if her parents, her, will admitt that she wasn't raped, and she had voluntarily s_x with you. But you better find you a good lawyer.


E-rock - January 28

Ok, Texas State law says: First you have no rights what so ever to the child and i don't care how "in love" you are the girls parents automatically take over since she is underage. Now if her parents like you and have had a knowledge of you two actually have and so called "relationship" then it may be different. IF her parents like(which mostly likely they wont) then it can be worked out. However if you can not work this out then you can be charged with s_x with a minor and you will be listed as a s_x offender. And most likely you are looking at least 2 years in prison but i'm no lawyer, but i do live in texas and have some understanding of the laws


Brandi - January 31

In most states, it doesn't matter if she was willing to have s_x with him or not, Kristina 1980. She, at 14 is not of an age to make that decision. It's statutory rape. And yes, a 14 year old is a little girl, no matter how "mature" she might appear. And although I agree that most 18 year old guys are not "adult" mentally, they are legally so yes it is an "adult man" having s_x with a "little girl" 15 and 21 is not approprite either. Maybe other countries have different standards, but that doesn't make it right. And he is an American and needs to abide by our countries laws, the laws that are set up tp protect children from perverts who want to sleep with them.


kristina1980 - January 31

I absolutely agree with the law, and need to protect kids from perverts. However, this case doesn't seem like she was raped, even though he seems odd, especially if he knows the laws. I think it's both responsibility, and responsibility of parents as well. Should he be punished? Absolutely Yes, Law is law. but also her, and HER parents, for not raising their child properly.


Brandi - February 1

I totally agree that she is also responsible, I know 14 year olds aren't as innocent as parents want to think. I do think that if there is criminal punishment, it should be for both. Not jail for her or anything, but something that holds her responsible for breaking the law too.


stephybella - March 21

For al lyou people that are critical of this obviously you have never been in love :(


AshleyandAverysmom - March 22

First of all, Laws were set in place for cases such as this. Second of all, both parties involved should have had parents watching over them. Since we dont know the entire story, I'm a__suming that the parents are not involved. In any state this would be considered Child Molestation, regardless if the minor child consented to have s_x. Even if her parents do not press charges, the State can and in most cases do step and press them. Odis, I would 1st find out if she is in fact pregnant, and second I would sit down with her and her parents. Your considered an adult now, so the mature thing to do would be to try and work this out rationally, but also keep in mind that you might suffer b/c of it. Good luck


Brandi - March 26

Stephybella, sorry but that is such a dumb thing to say. You have to condone statutory rape to have been in love?? Being in love has nothing to do with believing people should obey the law and not sleep with children.



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