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josh - March 17

ok i had s_x with my girl friend and i c_mmed on ur tummy she got up went into the bathroom i waiting a few mins and looked in the crack of door and she was taking her finger and scopping my c_m inside of her i havent said anything about it can she get pregent? ps....shes not on birth conttrol or aything


,,, - March 17

To be brief, YES it is possible.


young_mum_2_b - April 8

ok for a start, why would your gf being "scooping your c_m into her?" does she wanna fall pregnant or something? you need to talk to her....if its just a turn on kinda thing then w/e...but she still needs to be careful...and so should you.


LollyM - April 23

yes, she can get pregnant from this. Sperm can live up to five days (I believe... or it may be longer) You should really talk to her about it. maybe mention getting on birth control or something. If you guys aren't trying to have a baby, you should use be using birth control anyway (you can get free condoms at planned parenthood!) Also, just to let you know, if you guys were having intercourse and you just pulled out at the end, there is still a 30% chance of her becoming pregnant because pre-c_m has sperm in it also. This pre-c_m is not something you can control because it is like a male lubricant and you may not even feel it come out. Anyway, it seems to me that tho only reason she would want to do this is to get pregnant and I think that talking about birth control options with her may be a good way to let her know that you don't want a child right now without directly saying that you saw what she was doing and embarra__s her. I hope some of this info/advice was helpful! good luck =)


Ducky - April 26

Thats strange....Dump her.


kirsty - May 5

very weird, who the hell would wana get pregnant? im 16 and hav 12 day old twins SO NOT PLANNED. tell her bein pregnant and havin kids wrecks your life cause most of the time the guy dosnt stick around just like my guy. hay josh id like to tallk to a guy bout few things, can i ask u couple of questions?



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