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itchy - October 8

my girlfriend is 11 months preg. i love her dearly and have showed steady support. She slowly shut down and became more and more irritable. I tried to be there but she would become meaner and meaner. She broke up with me 2 days ago and i asked for a time out instead. She plans to move back home and have the baby without me. She wants me to be the dad but she says she does not love me anymore because i'm not "the one" I love her so much and want things to turn around. she began a 180 degree shift as soon as she was a couple of weeks. So many hurtful things have been said by her but i believe she does not really mean them. and is afraid. I want to help but my back is against the wall. I want nothing more than to have a life with her and my child. I am giving it space and i hope i dont lose her. Will she come around?


clindholm - October 9

Ok first of all, how can she be 11 months pregnant? I would be a crazy b___h too if it was 11 months. Seriously, I would say if you suspect it is hormone or stress related, try to just back off until she gives birth. You will be surprised the way a women feels/acts after giving birth especially towards the father of the little miracle. Noone can say whether or not she will come around, but you can improve your chances by laying low and not adding any pressure. good luck.


itchy - October 9

i meant 11 weeks


itchy - October 9

part of me feels like a sperm donor. why is single mother so appealing? seems like an irrational choice


gummibear - October 27

11 MONTHS! TOO funny! Being a single mother is appealing because: (1) You only have to worry about your pregnancy and taking care of your child (2) You don't have to worry about taking care of the relationship with the father - esp. if the relationship is not or has not been very stable (3) You don't have to worry about things not working out with the father and breaking your child's heart because mommy and daddy 'broke up' or 'got divorced' (4) You don't have to consult the other person for all your decisions - or you just think you don't, depending on what your local laws say on custody - which only kick in after the child is born anyway (5) All of the above can mean less stress, as you transition your focus from your relationship with your guy (if that was your focus) to your new priority, your baby. Also, for many women, pregnancy can be a wake-up call. You may realize that the father is not the person you want to be with forever, romantically speaking, and that its cleaner to cut ties sooner than later. It is not necessarily irrational or hormonal to do so, esp. if non-pregnant family or friends have been consulted and are in agreement.



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