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Worried - March 19

Due to work circ_mstances, when the baby is born (1 week edd ) I will have to look after the baby and my wife will soon have to work afterwards. The reason for this is that she earns twice as much as I do in my job. Even though we both know that this is the best decicion financially .I dont know if the roles can be swapped that easy, who knows if my wife will be able to cope with going to work afterwards. I am giving up my career for my familly. Are there any others out there?


lilmama - March 20

I think it is a very honerable thing that you are doing for your family. You sure dont hear of many stay at home dads. I think it is wonderful that you can look at the situation and see what is best for your familly. Way to go daddy! Staying at home is not an easy thing to do, although a lot of people think it is just the lazy thing to do and that stay at home parents dont do anything. I think for me it is actually more stressfull than working, honestly. Anyway, best of luck to you and your family!


Samantha B - March 29

I work with women who are the primary breadwinners in their families and the dads are stay at home dads. Its not as uncommon as you think. I am sure there are some groups online that you could join.


Kelly K - March 31

My husband will be staying home and I'll be working after the baby is born for the same reason. I make almost double what he does and daycare costs would use his entire check each week. I know it isn't easy, but I'm glad to see more fathers taking a more active role in raising their children. I don't know how I'll feel after going back to work, but at least I know I don't have to worry about the care the baby is receiving like I would with a daycare.


Lynn - April 14

I think that that woul dbe awesome if my husband was willing to be a house husband. However, his idea of a house husband is someone who sits around all day 7 watches TV, so I would still have to clean the house, cook, take care of the kids, AND be the sole breadwinner... Your wife is so luckY!


Jamie - April 15

My husband and I earn exactly the same amount of money (we're both in the U.S. Army, and the same rank) - he'd love to be able to stay at home, and I'd love to be able to continue working. (We even have the same job, just in different places.) Unfortunately, parental chapters don't apply to males, only females - so I have to be the one to give up my career, because he can't give up his. If you think this is the best situation for your family, keep at it - it'll be a rough adjustment, esp. because it isn't "conventional" - but hang in there. If, after several months to a year, it's REALLY not working, you can re-examine the situation.


Maren - April 18

This is something my husband and I are thinking of doing. My job is full time, with good benefits and I am happy there just spending 3 years in grad. school. I know I will want to be with a baby but am extreamly grateful my husband can step in. Good luck


Andy - June 15

Worry not. There are many others doing the same. There's even a website for "house dads" in the UK. I am a Physician a__sistant who works one 24-hour shift on the weekends. But mostly, I'm a stay-at-home dad. My wife makes more than I do and we have our healthcare benefits through her work. It was a no-brainer decision. She works during the week and I take care of our 7mo boy. Good luck. As the saying goes, it's pretty good work if you can get it.


Kathy - June 20

Me and my husband have always worked around my son. For the first few years I worked full time and he was part time ( I made more money) and now my husband and son have such a great relationship they do everything together and have such a good time. I love that he got to stay home with him


TO Worried - July 5

Just to let you know, i heard back in april that familys who have a "stay at home dad" have better relationships because the father understands more what the mother goes through and its less stress on your relationship with your partner. Fatherly insticts will come to you aswell as they do for mom.



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