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curious - February 11

I have a question for some men, do you guys go through changes along with your wives (or partner)


Jeff - February 12

My fiance is 14 wks pregnant. She doesn't get nausea and vomit, I'm the one going through all that and ever emotional. The other day I felt like crying for no reason. I'm the guy who cries but lately I can't even understand myself.


Mimi - February 12

Jeff, that's funny ! ( but sweet ...)


BBK - February 25

The biggest changes in me I guess are feeling excited, and have a much more positive outlook on things. I don't overwork anymore and try to get home early and be home as much as possible. On the downside I worry about the future more than I used to (wars, disease, tsunamis etc). The first trimester, was tough. She was very emotional and unreasonable, that made me even question how she could be a good mother if she can’t control her emotions. Now that she's almost 20 weeks I feel my love for her has grown exponentially. I feel the baby is bringing us together like no other force could before. While I was worried about a myriad of things in the beginning, I now think that a child can really bind the family Overall I’m overjoyed! This is our first child and I just can’t wait to hold my daughter (due in mid-July).


curious - March 1

Aww well congratulations BBK! I hope to some day have a little one of my own. I know my man can't wait to have a little one too!


BBK - March 7

To curious: Thanks. I'd say if you don't have a good reason to wait, go for it. Pregnancy is much easier when you're younger.


To:Curious - March 8

My old friend was 2 months pregnant and throwing a b-day party for her 3 year old, and her bf could not come to the party cause he was too busy hunching over the toilet at his house down the road from hers. My friend (Shelli) thought he was making an excuse not to come to the party and his mom was there and she told Shelli that she even witnessed him being sick so it was noooo joke!


To:Curious - March 8

I hope my previous post helped in anyway. Shelli barely had any sickness and the father of the baby (her bf) was the one getting sick more often as I explained earlier. Hope this helps in any way.


March 8, 2005 - March 8

To Jeff and the To: Curious...I think what you guys/ guy & gal said is funny. I have heard of that happening before...but rarely.


amber - March 8

My husband had a bunch of my symptoms.... Emotional (which made it hard coz so was I!), Cravings, tiredness, Morning sickness or as I called it "All day sickness" , and of course fear and excitement. I have heard this happens to men often, that it is not uncommon.



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