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Kevin - October 10

I'm almost 23 and my gf is almost 22, we just found out that she is pregnant. Her parents are happy, but i havent told mine yet. They were older when they started having kids unlike her parents, they are more strict and catholic...any ideas on how to tell them?


Kevin - October 10

Hello? anyone on here?


Rachel - October 10

Just come out and tell them, my mom was p__sed when i first told her, and i was married and everything, but i'm i'm 5 1/2 months and she's so excited


pjs - October 11

dude, there isn't any easy way to tell parents who are like what you describe. Just come out and do it. Tell them you are taking full responsibility and listen to what they have to say. Weather you agree with them or not, give them the opportunity to "vent" their feelings and work from there.


Kevin - October 11

Thanks Rachel and PJS.....I guess i'll just have to tell them....My Gf was on the birthcontrol shot too and were not married....atleast we were trying to prevent it right? I mean we live together, and have been together almost 6 years.


Rachel - October 12

Well, whether they like it or not, they're going to have to accept it, and I'm sure they will


Liz - October 12

I say the sooner you tell them the better. That way, they have time to get use to the idea of you being a dad. You are an adult so I hope they understand that.


Kevin - October 12

Thanks everyone for your opinions and ideas. I appreaicte it. We are going to tell them this does this sound for an opening line "You're going to be grandparents".....


Rachel - October 12

We went to his mom's work and said, "Hey gramma", good luck to you


rae - October 16

my boyfriend and i are having the same problem, but with both of our parents, that and we didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 6 months. im now 7 months, and we are having many debates on whether or not to keep our son, or give him up for adoption. im 19, hes 20. so, we are a little younger than you guys. im almost 20, will be a month after baby is born, anyhow... i am also so lost, and so is my bf, because we want to keep him, but we dont know how to tell our parents. we are worried they would hate us both. i guess i suggest telling them sooner, rather than later. if they give you any c___p about it, remind them that it is your life, and you now have your own family to look after, and you cant be worrying about what your parents think, but that their support would be very nice, and would help you very much. sometimes that helps people to see that their negativity isnt going to get them anywhere. unless a time machine is invented, this kid is on its way, and you are the father, and she is the mother. your parents being mad and lecturing you isnt going to change any of those facts. good luck. hopefully it will go much better than you think. i have some friends who just got married, but the girl was 5 months when she got married, and the guys parents are VERY churchy, very involved in everything, very much wait til marriage kind of people, and when they found out she was pregnant with their first grandchild, they were so happy. let us know how it goes... maybe you can give me and my bf courage to tell our parents. =)


Kevin - October 16

EVERYTHING went so well!! They were just worried about finances--but they said that they would be supportive of us and the baby....they are a little unhappy....but they just need some time to adjust to the fact that they will be grandparents! It was so much easier to tell them than I thought. Good Luck with telling them Rae---just come forward with it. Its not as bad as it seems. I hope you have a happy healthy baby boy and i hope you have a healthy faimly too. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement.


rae - October 17

im so happy to hear that it went well. i know sometimes parents can be ultra-stubborn, but when it comes down to it, their support is what you really need. congrats on becoming a dad. its very exciting, but very scary as well, i know... good luck with everything. hopefully your parents will adjust to the idea of being grandparents very quickly, and start to really enjoy the idea. nothing in life is better than bringing a little one into the world. its the biggest mix of emotions ever, but its absolutely amazing. im very happy for you!



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