How Do You Handle Mommy S Humiliation During Pregnancy

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StressedToo - August 22

I guess you said what I've been trying to say all along but it seems that you are better at explaining things than I am.


VJ - August 22

Stressed Too, if I was able to help out , I'm glad to have done so


jeankins - August 25

don't know guys, when you've seen than many female body parts in your time, I'd say that you'd begin to lose interest. I think that men get aroused by women when they see them naked because of (a) what it means for them, and (b) it's taboo and therefore normally hidden, so it's a big deal to see that region. Things take on a whole different meaning when it's something you see on a day to day basis. Christmas and brithday's are special because they only come about once a year, but how would you feel if it were Christmas every day? I like chocolate, but I know I'd be sick of it if I ate it every day. I'm not comparing female s_xual organs to holidays or food, all I'm saying is, if you get too much of something, it's not a treat any more. As a chef once said to me about food, 'you work with it all day, the last thing you want is more of it when you get home'. OB/GYN specialist's, I'm very doubtful, have a very high s_xual drive after seeing some of the stuff that goes on down there.


StressedToo - August 25

I know a couple of chefs. They LOVE their food LOL! My father is close friend of one of the best and most famous chef around here, this guy is far from bored with food. I have mentioned that I have many friends (both genders) in the medical field, different especialities. None of the guys are bored with women or lack any interest in them physically, quite the opposite.


Smilefull - August 26

All I can say is that there's nothing s_xUAL about birth----there's no physical pleasure, no s_xual arousal---it's gorey and gross --yes it's a miracle and beautiful and all that. But perhaps if you redefine it for yourself? Hope that helps.


StressedToo - August 26

The other day I came across this article: but a quick google search revealed this other article "Some women experience orgasm while giving birth. In addition, orgasm can be spontaneous, many people find this to be quite embarra__sing but enjoyable, seeming to happen with no direct stimulation. Occasionally, orgasm can occur during s_xual dreams.". So think again if there is NOTHING s_xual about child birth.


StressedToo - August 26

The first URL got truncated, it should read: remove any dashes that might be appear, seems this thing doesn't like links.


StressedToo - August 26

Here are a couple more links: You get the point... or not.


sophandbob - September 3

I can kind odf see your point, but as a woman who has just been through a difficult and painful delievery, I can honestly say tat, even though i was so modest and embarra__sed before hand, I could not have cared less of it was a trained donkey delievering me by that point. As for my partner - my safety and that of my son was upermost in his mind - this overrode everything.


StressedToo - September 3

Certainly! I would think that only a macho neandertharl with an IQ of 50 would put his wife's and children safety and health at risk. I share some of the original poster's ideas and feelings. However where I don't look eye to eye with him is in the delivery of babies. At that point I don't care if it's a male or a female helping my wife deliver a baby, although I do think that the way the hospital delivery is handled could be improved lots both in safety, modesty and in humanization of the whole thing. I have to say that to be honest, I would prefere that it was a female doctor and staff delivering the baby, but safety and health comes first! What I don't think is right is for a healthy woman (and not pregnant) to have a female gynecologist or male medical staff. In most civilized areas there are good female gynecologists, doctors, technitians, nurses, etc. So if there is no emergency or a big health issue I think that in my case I would like my wife to choose female care providers. This is particularely true for b___st exams and pap smears. Women usually say that they want the best doctor possible! In general I agree with that, I'm not THAT dumb (LOL!). But these same women fail to understand that a b___st exam and especially a pap smear do not require a great deal of expertise. In fact most women could do a better b___st exam than what the doctor could, if only they took a bit of time to learn how to properly do one, after all who knows your b___st better? You that wear them every day and might notice when something changes or the doc that touches them once a year and most probably cant remember exactly what they felt like the last time. Same goes for the pap smear, there are do-it-yourself kits available, it shouldn't be that hard to swab something. Women fail to understand that it's more important to get a good lab test (most never even ask what lab is going to do the test) than having an expert doctor taking a swab sample.


tristansdad - September 4

I understand your feelings, i myself had to go through a difficult labour, where i had to sit back and not do a great deal. This went against every feeling and bone in my body, i am a very caring person and love my partner to bits, but during the labour i felt completely useless, completely helpless as there was nothig i could do to help take away the complications. At the end of the day if you truly love your partner it shouldnt matter about the gender of the medical staff as long as she is getting the care and attention she needs, you should be there to support that.


oaldc9 - January 25

I wouldnt do anything stupid to get into any kind of trouble however you are by far not alone in the way you feel. I happen to agree with you and unlike what some of these people want to believe the evidence is on our side. If these other people want to go to men for something so intimate/private more power to them. The jokes on them! You and your wife need to find a female Dr. I find alot of these answers to your question amazing! There are places men dont belong and one of them is between your wifes legs!


matthew68687693 - December 3

A pelvic exam is rape. "Discomfort/pain, shame/embarra__sment, and/or a feeling of being violated, as a result of penetration of the s_xual organs by a person in whom a woman has no s_xual interest, achieved through coercion, fear, and/or intimidation." The way women are treated in the modern world is ridiculous. There are more natural ways of living.


InDerVille00 - September 8

I apologize, I only read to page 6, loooooog thread! I've seen many post about whether or not a woman can see women only. My wife goes to an all woman practice. She ends up seeing different doctors but the entire practice is women. There are at least two of these in my town. My wife goes to one and my sister-in-law goes to the other. Maybe there are even more. I've heard women OB/GYN's greatly outnumber men now. Why go to a practice where men are involved? You'll just have a male sprung on you and that may be the doctor on call when labor comes.


InDerVille00 - September 8

Sorry, I've only read to page 7, this is a long thread. My wife goes to an all woman practice. All the doctors are women. There is no chance of them trying to give her a male doctor. There are at least 2 of these in my town because my sister-in-law goes to one different from my wife's. Maybe there are even more. Some of you speak as if you'd like to see only women but they may give you a man or have a man on call during labor. If men are in the practice then that's what may happen. Go to an all woman practice.


InDerVille00 - September 8

I am a man who is uncomfortable with a man being involved in this type of exam/procedure. Many, many on here keep arguing the "s_xuality" of it. I want to offer my view (slightly different) on that. The s_xuality concept plays no roal at all. That is not why I dis-like it. If you could guaranee 100% that the male doctor didn't notice or think of my wife at all it wouldn't make any difference to me. That isn't the issue. I'm just uncomfortable with a man doing that type of exam. It would hurt me deeply for her to allow a man to see and touch her there. I know she doesn't like the exam and I think most male doctors are professional, that really is irrelivant. This exam is a little more intimate that your average exam. My wife also doesn't like the idea of being examined there by a man and chooses not to go but she also knows how I feel about it and I'm sure she'd choose only women even if she didn't really have a preference for my sake.



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