How Often Is Normal

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jake - June 28

just asking, how often do married couples of 2 years have s_x for us to say its a healthy married relationship?


to Jake - June 28

I think whatever you and your partner are comfortable with is what's healthy for you as a couple. I like to have s_x at least 4-5 times a week. But that's just me and my husband.


Kerry - June 28

Well Jake is that before a baby or after?lol! S_x isn't all that makes a married couple happy and healthy if it does than your already in trouble. It's different for everyone as long as you are having meaningful s_x don't worry.I would love to be with my husband more offten but our scheduals don't always fit and theres nothing worse than planning it the mood just goes out the door.Try and just be spontanious Good luck.


jake - June 28

thanks.. its just that after having our first baby, our intimate life isn't like how it was before. I don't know if becuase being a male, I would like to make love 2 to 3 x a week, but I often get rejected... so I often feel disappointed. I know that its not the measurement of a healthy relationship, but I just miss those days when we were just married.... when we were always intimate.. always finding time to be sweet to one another...Now we just make love at most once a week... sometimes once every two weeks... and I just can't help to miss the intimacy we used to have...


jealous - July 1

Im 19. Me and my hubby were married about 7mos before I got pregnant. We only made love once a week back then! It wasnt as often as Id liked. And now that Im preg we do it less often! its been about a month and Im 6 months along :(


Jessicca - July 1

I've been with my finacee for 3 years now. We are planning to get married next year. To keep things sizzling in bed come up with new tricks, maybe a new position. Buy a Kama Sutra book. My partner and I stacked up on Kama Sutra and Tantra books and whenever we get bored with a position we bring out a book , flip through a few pages and find a position we like. Be know candles, warm bath, roses, ma__sage lotion...then be wild the next night. Talk to your partner, ask her what are her fantasies...ask her what she likes when your together. Jake I'm 34 weeks pregnant and we still bring on the heat in bed, so if your wife is pregnant now,,,talk with her, see what she wants!



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