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Janay - November 14

Me and my ex are working things out again... it's been 2yrs since we've been together. I love him dearly and i know he loves me. WE have a big age difference tho, i'm 18 and he's 30! I love him alot and no one really understands our relationship and many only talk bad about us b/c our age diffrence. It's been a month where we've been talking again and and i'm already 3.5 wks pregnant. He wants me to keep the baby and he's happy about it. He says he needs a baby in his life to stop him from HUSTLING! Yesterday we had a coversation and he told me i'm not the same w/ him ne more as wen we were togeather. I was very s_xual w/ him then and i gave him alot of attention. Since we've been talking again, i've had my guard up b/c i'm scared to get hurt again. i kno wat he feels for me is real, but i can't help but doubt... i have to be open w/ him b/c he told me that i'm driving him away b/c i'm not being myself w/ him... i want to be soo bad. But i was just scared too... wat do i do? Someone plz help me. I don't want to stress too much and miscarry. I also don't want to loose him again. Do i let my guard down, and give him wat he wants?????????


newlywed0915 - November 21

no, you tell him not to be such a pig! If thats all he wants from you then he's not worth it. He shoudl love you for more than the pleasure you used to give him. When you're pregnant too, your s_x drive sometimes dives, so warn him about that, and if he can't teake it, kick his a__s to the curb!


captainswife - November 24

sounds like a real jerk. Try to forget about him for a while and concentrate on you and your baby.


lunamoo - November 28

He needs a child to stop "hustling"?!?!?!?!...sounds like a loser. Sorry dear but you have been fooled and he is gross and inappropriate to have put you in this situation. But you probably will have to just live it for yourself and see first handed. I hope you have the support of your parents. Good luck!



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