I M 18 And A Soon To Be Father With A Question S

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Nicholas - January 5

I am 18 and she is 16.we had unpotected s_x and she has all the symptoms but I can't even talk to her because of her parents. I am afraid of her dad and the law because I'm not sure what could happen with me being an adult and her being a minor. I'm little afraid of her dad because I was delivering her a pregnancy test and he came out to my car and started choking me. If my car wasn't running I prolly wouldn't be here. So does anybody have any information to help me and her out?? Thanks! Nick


KM - January 9

I'm 18 and my bf is 20 we just had a baby 7 wks ago. I can give you some advice and answer some questions. If you want e-mail me at [email protected]


Ivette - February 15

Look it happen you cant go back. I know how you fell was there at one point. I think the best thing to do is talk to her parent. Dont lett them find out by someone us. I'm 18 and pregnant. the guy I was with whent back to his ex 1mont ago. So it cant be the bad.


Hilary - April 6

Don't worry about her being a minor. In most states 16 is the legal age of consent so you are in no danger of statatory rape charges, also by that age in most states her reproductive rights are her own. You need to talk with her - find a way - you need figure out if she is really pregnant because if she is and decides to continue with the pregnancy you have a lot of responsibility. Either way talk to her! Figure out what she needs and how you can best support her. She is probably very scared right now. Trust me, I was 18 when I found out that I was pregnant and terrified at first. Anyway, good luck with it!


Reva - May 3

Put yourself in the father's shoes. More than likely he still considers his daughter as his baby girl. My father would act the same way. My father is not ready for his daughter to grow up and be an adult, and Ill be 18 in 2 1/2 months. Try and have a serious conversation with his and his daughter. By showing him you are more mature and are considering the needs of a baby, he may be more willing to talk with you.


prego nc - May 3

I can't understand her fathers anger. Maybe you should have your parents call her parents and have the adults talk about it. Sounds to me like you have used all your options.


jessica - May 26

don't get your parents to talk about it without you and her involved in the conversation. It's both of your lives and you are going to be parents yourself. You should stay away from her father for awhile he needs time to cool off.


genevie - May 27

dont worry about her father try to think of a place that her parents arent going to be there and take it to her or if your friends with her friends say she is going to there house and you go and give it to her



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