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john - February 20

Ok i am new here and i have a problem, my GF and i were messing around with each other and she was on top of me(btw i have not had s_x before) and she was in the mood and she grabbed my p__s and stuck it in her with out a condom. i pulled it out once she stuck it in(it was in like one second) but i am freaking out and very worried that she might be prenant. i dont know what to do. please help!


john - February 20

so the chances are really that bad. i am totally freaking out i am not ready at all for this


O.o - February 20

Chances are slim to none..


B - February 20

John I wouldn't worry about it. It is possible but not likely. We have tried for a baby a whole year and not until now has it happened. I would say you are pretty safe.


john - February 21

so the chances are not that bad that she is prenant, because we are both freaking out really bad and very scared.


john - February 21

Ok update she says that she is having cramps and she is kind of cranky and she thinks she is begaining her peried. she says its about time for it to happen so is that a good sign.


anita - February 21

yes, that's a good sign.


lucienne78 - February 22

This is obviously a kid, don't they have s_x ed cla__ses anymore? You would have to "finish" inside her to impregnante her - is this for real?


kris A. - February 23

He most certainly does not have to finish inside her for her to get pregnant.... PLEASE OH PLEASE do not give false information on these subjects... If he has any pre-ejaculate or ejaculate on his p___s, and the s____n gets inside her, she can get pregnant. Condom, each time, every time - that way no HIV, No Herpes, no Pregnancy, no worries.


john - February 27

She started her period today so i dont this she is pregnant. Is there a chance of having your period and still being pregnant?


marina - March 20

and I am pregant and I need some help gettin baby stuff



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