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Matt - March 23

I am 18 years old and have been dating my girl, Chrissy, for around 4 years -- since our freshman year of high school. We both went to the same college and I have developed an interest in other girls. Chrissy, on the other hand, won't leave me alone and feels that we are "soul-mates." I am trying to distance myself from her but I feel chained, used and tired of being dragged around like a pet dog or something. She is very whiny and feels that she is my wife or something. Plus, she's let herself go physically, etc. In any case, about 3 months ago, I finally got up the nerve to tell her we were done, finished, over - i've had enough, etc. We were having some beers -- nothing too major or anything, just a few drinks, and Chrissy went crazy, crying, begging, pleading, etc. I held her in my arms until she calmed down and we both fell asleep in my dorm room. The next thing I remember is that Chrissy was on top of me. The shock of resulted in me c_mming inside of her almost immediately. The reason being is that we have never had unprotected s_x before (I have always used a condom). When I realized what Chrissy was doing, that she stimulated me in my sleep and aroused me to the point of loosing control of myself inside of her unprotected, my first reaction was very much the thought that I had been raped. I said "what the h__l are you doing?." She released me and just said, "I wanted you." I told her that was taking advantage of me and she laughed and called me a "sissy" at which point, I just told her to get the h__l out. I wanted to tell someone but thought that people would call me a stupid ass, etc. The fact was, I did not to have unprotected s_x with Chrissy but she literally had me pinned down to the bed. I tried to pull her off of me but she tightened her muscles and I released myself into her involuntarily That is the bottom line truth. Now, she just called and told me she is pregnant and that I will be responsible for this baby for the rest of my life. She broke down and said it was the only way she felt she could hold me. I do not want this baby and I do not want to pay for this child. I am not even 100% she that this encounter caused the pregnancy but she swears she was with no-one else. I do not understand how my life can be ruined like this for something so stupid. I tried to pull her away but she trapped me and tricked me. Is there anything that can be done? Can I terminate my parental rights or something? This is my decision and I don't see why I should have to support the kid or her through this. If this is confusing, it is because I am on my lunch break at school and am a bit rushed for time. Anyoune that can help me, please do!


c - March 24

ill get back to u guz i understand what u r saying. but i woundnt say i held my ex down (lol) he is much bigger than me and older but he was well up for it knowing what could happen and i was on at the time so im abit confused as i also was with my boyfriend aweek later.yes i was preg had baby.others say baby must be bf not ex as i was on but then again no1 answers the Question when u say who the baby looks like!my baby dont look like my bf but i can c my ex in him(confusing)ex has seen baby and so he says he can c him self in him to!but if other people dont no what your ex looks like they dont say much about baby looking like daddy!both want dna (swab) test done. (i have three-but oldest looks like his dad and my bf's boy looks like him but the baby is ?dont let it worry you? my ex so he says want to be there if baby is his but he aint relable!i told him to get on with his own life as baby has a family.i dont want nout from him but if he is then i want him to be their for his son and keep to his promise not pop in and out when he feels like it.so u have to think cas it aint the babys fault so dont hate ok.it aint nice if you r the dad to find out daddy hates you for being born.so be a man and be there for baby u dont need to be in a relashionship with mum just be friends


c - March 24

hay if u have been with her for 4yrs you should no when she starts her period? how long ago did she sleep with u? do u no the day/month/week! was she coming on/on/or coming off/or off? how many weeks or months is she supose to be? has she been to the doc,(has she got a dating scan appointment in for her/a 12wk scan)? was she on pill/injection/coil.etc...think! is she small/tall/skinny/plump?( sorry to ask but we need to no these things in order to tell how many months as it is easy to tell?


V - March 26

Go and see the doctor with her right now. This will clear up if she's pregnant or not. If she is, "c" is right, you can find out the date of concievement easy at the doctor's office. If there's a chance it's yours - stay with her until the baby arrives and you can still have the dna test. If it's your baby, you have no choice but being a father and don't punish your child for her mistake. I say she might be lying about the whole pregnancy thing so just go and see a doctor with her!


Misty - March 27

Really tough situation, the biggest thing here though I think is that an innocent person is being brought into the world for the sole purpose of manipulation, I feel bad for that child and I think you should try the best you can to do what is best for the child. No you didn't want it and no that isn't fair, but it isn't the childs fault and at the moment it is being set up for one hell of a c___ppy as life. A dad that wished it was never born and a mom that might hate it because its sole purpose was to get you to stay, and if that doesn't work what good is it to her? I feel bad for you but I feel even worse for that baby. I think you should both go to counseling, not to stay together, but to figure out where to go from here.



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