Im 23 She Is 33

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Dave - May 11

Im a 23 year old who got into a relationship with a 33 year old woman. I met here through a friend that I was getting to know. They were both roomates and I grew to liking her. And one night we were both smoking getting blasted and we ended up sleeping together without a condom. From that point on , I don't know if was the s_x, but i started getting strong feelings for this woman. I put her age past me and her past. She was married for 8 years and didn't get pregnant with him. She broke up that marriage because she fell in love with a woman. She was in this relationship with this woman for sometime until they broke up. The then girlfriend moved to Orlando and she followed. She met me and we started going out. She always seemed a bit insecure about the whole thing. She thought i was a Player. WHich made me have me instincts that 'she' was doing something behind my back because she kept on investigating me (pshycologist major). She told me about this one guy from Europe she met down here in Orlando and that they talked and they talked pretty seriously about having a family and so on. She tells me she had s_x with him only once and that she didn't fall in love with him because of the way he is and they were going out for 7 months. Well around the 3rd month in OUR relationship i felt like i loved this woman and her past was history, but it wasn't. One morning after making love this guy from Europe called and i saw his name on th caller id and I told her to pick up the phone to test her. To my dissapointment she picked up the phone and started to converse with this man like if I wasn't even there. Her body language wa all weird and actions speak louder than words. She carried this converstation outside her house away from me. I bring this up to her to tell her that my feelings of love went away when she did that. Was i wrong to feel that way? So from that moment on i just guarded myself and didn't take her really serious. I did see she was realling caring for me and passionate but if you love me then you should not act that way on the phone around me. She says thats the past and that she sees him as a friend, but why does she need to be contact with this male friend when im in your life. Oh i forgot to tell you that her Lesbian partner lives like 10 minutes away from her but she denies seeing her our talking to her, but she says they email each other once and awhile. Which seems very strange to me. All of these factors made my love go down. Yeah it was my fault for not insisting to protection, but in my heart i felt like i did bring using protection to the table and when i did she gave me feeling thaty she felt hurt like if i was sleeping with someone else. I feel that being a 33 year old woman that she didn't bring up the topic of contraceptive, thats what i feel down inside. She told me after she got pregnant that she thought she couldn't because she tried to have a baby with here ex husband but that he pulled out most of the time. Now that she is pregnant she tells me that she loves me that she sees this guy from Europe as just a friend. We have only been going out for 4 months annd Ladies reading this, could you feel comfortable enough with being with a guy for 4 months to get pregnant by him. I feel like I hardly know this woman. Its hard for me to say this but i feel she wants this baby because of what i'll be giving her. I am young Latino, women find me very attractive tall and hardworking self motivated. She see past the long term of getting to know me and just sees the quality of man I am. I am good young man. I just feel that she does not consider my situation, if i was going out with here for a year and we she condiered me to father her child. okay but is been only 4 months and she never told me how she reall y felt about me until she got pregnant. Thanks for letting me vent.


aishah - May 11

Bottom line is if that baby in her stomach is yours then you are going to be paying child support so may as well step up and act right. And being with her for four months or four years doesnt change the reality. s_x is supposed to be for the procreation of children so if you have s_x then you are engaged in an act that can produce a child therefore you shouldnt be having s_x with someone you cant consider to be a mother to your child. Do you get what Im saying? Theres always a risk no matter what method of contraception that you use and you gotta be real about that.



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