Is It Just Me

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kate - January 5

I am currently at 11 weeks and have had bad morning sickness and have been so tired that I will get home from work and just sleep. Additionally I have been VERY emotional. I just feel so frustrated because I imagined that my partner would be there to rub my back/ hold my hair back when I'm sick, would want to make sure that I was eating enought etc. But so far - nothing! I was vomiting this morning and he just stayed in the loungroom listening to me!!! In the mornings I only spew if I a) haven't had a chance to eat something straight away or b) have eaten anything other than vegemite on toast. Therefore I asked him if on his way home he could pick up a loaf of bread as we were all out and he said he forgot! But he was able to stop for his dinner??? Don't know if I'm just as I said - being emotional or if he just doesn't care - anyone else going through the same??


Nikki - January 6

You should have a talk with him and explain that your emotions are high and that you need a little more consideration during this time. Tell him that you are going to be needing his help alot more than usual and that you'd like him to be there for you more. Unfortunately, men sometimes don't see things unless they are slapped on the face with them.


Liza - March 9

no, its not just u.Its me too and I would say other millions of pregnant women.Since Im pregnant (almost 17wks now)I think my partner got very selfish and self-centered and doesnt want to understand me or to be supportive.I think its we that change, they stay the same but we can see their real nature cos we look at things diff once there is another life inside of us. U expect the right things, I expect them too.Just move on.We all can do it on our own, even if really want someone.Its better to be on our own, then beg for understanding, compa__sion and support.Good luck


Misty - March 10

Kate, you definatley aren't alone in the way that youfeel. I asked almost the exact same question(it is just a little under yours) and the reply that I got (from a guy amazingly) was to bring up the way that you are feeling to him in a "non-finger pointing way". He might be going through emotional changes just like you,his life is about to change also. He might be shutting down to keep from dealing with it. I think some men are just to hard headed to realize the things they do hurt us so much. Just try to be understanding of him and if he is a decent guy he should return the favor.


BBK - March 10

Kate it is a very confusing time for us men too. He may just not know what to do when you're sick, or that a backrub is even allowed. I tried to help my wife the way you describe and she would wave for me to go away. Like Misty said, talk to him and be honest, ask about him, and try to communicate your sorrow to him. I'm sure he'll respond well.



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