Is It Normal To Be An Excited Daddy To Be

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Henry - September 14

I'm 26 and I'm finally going to be a dad! I'm really happy it's happening, but some of my friends think that I'm weird because I'm the excited parent while my fiancee, who is 31, is absolutely freaked out and keeps mentioning abortion. They even accuse me of loving the baby more than my fiancee. I do love her, or else I wouldn't be marrying her in the first place, but is it normal that I'm the one who wants the baby while my fiancee is the one who wants the abortion? I almost feel like we've got our roles reversed or something.


Jane - October 5

Have a scan at 9 wks and then go home and your girlfriend may change her mind about abortion.


brooke - October 18

I think that it is awesome that you are so excited. thats how my husband is too. I had an abortion at six and a half weeks when I was 18 and I will never get over it, or forgive myself for it. Tell her to seriously reconcider. I am 20 weeks pregnant now and my husband and I are so excited. And it really makes me happy to know that god gave me a second chance.


Sajan - November 5

Getting excited to be a father is a completly nornal feeling. I am too experiencing the same. The life which is going to come is a part of why not be excited.... :-)


Anon - November 5

pfft...I wish my fiancee was as excited as you are now about our new coming baby boy...At first he wasnt all that happy and wanted an abortion. Well, that is all over now and he is happy as can be. He brings home little outfits for the baby, he lays in bed at night with his hand on my tummy so he can feel the baby move ( most of the time he falls asleep with his hand on my belly and the baby plays with his hand ) leaving me awake all night with a kicking baby =) But i love it. I would say yes that it is very normal for a man to feel that way. Sometimes it just comes sooner for some than others.


Henry - November 17

Thanks, guys. It's good to know I'm normal. Lol. I have talked to her, and she did reconsider, so everything is working out great, despite her morning crankiness. =)


~ - November 27

Excited? sure it's normal! well I sure hope so at least! I'm not totally sure if my fiancee is pregnant yet, but I'm still quite excited and hopeful that she is.


ernie - December 2



sheila - December 11

Hi, I would love it if my boyfroend was like that. as far as your wife is concerned talk to her and find out what is really going on. Her feelings about the baby could affect the well-being of the child. If she says something that hurts don't judge her because she needs to feel like she can always be completely honest with you. How are the two of you together.? Do you give her attention,complement her etc...? It is not normal that she want to have an a abortion, find out what that is about.


Kristen - December 12

It is Great that your and Excited Dad. My husband was excited when i finally got pregnant unfurtions happend and now we are tring again and when we get pregnant again i know he will be excited. It is Normal and It is Great. Nest of luck with your Baby and Treasure all your memories because they grow up fast. i have a two year old and it still feels like it was only yesturday he was born and can't believe the time has gone so fast. GOOD LUCK again


becca - January 29

its fine to be happy


Eryn - March 11

I am in the same spot you are. Kinda. I am the one pregnant and constantly doubting it. I am just not ready but I know once I have it, I'll be just as excited as my fiancee is. He is thrilled! I wish I could be, but I will get there and your fiancee will too. It's a huge change not only physically but mentally. Just give her some time. Good Luck



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