Is It Safe To Keep Having Sex

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john agudelo - January 18

i am 17 my girlfriend just turned 15 and is 4 months pregnant, her parents are letting us stay together in their house so at night all she wants to do is have s_x, and its not that i dont want to but i am scared, i love my unborn baby and i dont want anything to happen to it, i will give up s_x for another 5 months if i have to. and i i do have to stop how do i tell her?


..... - January 18

I'll bite my tongue, and say nothing about how screwed up this situation is - and just answer your question. Yes, unless her dr. tells her she is high risk for anything, then it is safe to have s_x. ........ok I can't help it - how dare you have s_x in her parents house?!?! You are both too young, and got yourselves in a huge mess, and they are ALLOWING you to live under their roof, so you're not on the d__n street.


Jbear - January 19

S_x is safe during pregnancy, unless her doctor says that she can't have s_x (which is only likely if she has a problem, like placenta previa). For a lot of pregnant women, s_x is very rea__sures her that she is still desirable, even with all the strange changes going on in her body. It's wonderful that her parents let you move in with her, so that you and she and the baby can become a family. Obviously, since your girlfriend is already pregnant, her parents know she has s_x with you--but try to be discreet about it, think about how loud you and your girlfriend are being, etc...


Jbear - January 19

Oh, and the fact that you're so concerned about your baby already, sounds like you're on your way to becoming a good dad. Get a couple of books about baby care (make sure one of them is "What to Expect the First Year") so that you're not clueless when baby arrives, and check with the hospital that your girlfriend will be delivering at, to see if they have parenting cla__ses, teen parent's cla__s, new dad's boot camp (yes, that's a real cla__s)...the more you know, the easier it will be.



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