Is It The Same

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Rasheed - September 17

Is s_x the same after pregnancy or are there changes in how it feels afterwards?


Kay - September 17

It really all depends on how you look at the issue, but 8 out of 11 people I know all say it's the same, and in one case they even said it was better.


ashley - September 29

that one person prolly said it was better cuz it might have been a while since he last had s_x : P


Bob - October 15

Well, as Eddie Murphy put it - if you give a starving man a cracker, he will swear that it is the best cracker that he ever ate.


angel - October 22

my husband thinks s_x is better after baby and baby is over 1 now, so he is still saying its better and hasnt been deprived for a while! lol, but in some cases due to the birth process and stretching of our lower regions (and for those that end up having st_tches) s_x after ward can turn out to be n ot so good - no longer have the tight feeling, if your partner has been doing her pelvic floor exercises she may in crease the chances of her pelvic muscles "staying in shape" !!


Mel - October 22

It depends a lot on how the women feels about her changed body and how she feels about her new role as a mother. Rea__sure her (in other ways besides just telling her) that you still find her attractive and appealing and that it's OK to still be active s_xually in your relationship, even if she is a Mom now. Some women need to be gently reminded that it's just as important to continue to nurture the relationship with her man/partner as it is to develop the one with the new baby. Also remember that, depending on the type of birth experience she had, it may take her awhile to be physically in the mood for penatrative s_x. Give her time to heal, she just pa__sed a head the size of a grape fruit through a hole that used to be just big enough to fit a tampon snug!


K - December 30

i will have to say, after my first child i had my first orgasim, and i've had one every time since then. so i say for me s_x is way better.


Nikki - January 10

At first it may be nonexistant, since it is not safe to have penetration for at least 6 weeks afterward. At first there may be soreness or pain, so take it easy. Especially if there are st_tches from tears or episiotomy or "skid marks" (like friction burns which can happen if the baby comes out in the wrong way or mispresented). It may take some time to get things "back to normal" in that department, but let me a__sure you,s_x can be just as good or in our case, even better! Kegel, or pelvic floor exercises that your wife can do will help to strengthen those muscles that help with s_x as well as child birth.



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