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Kate - November 21

Ok, I know this is a forum to help new dads, but I need a guys advice, and I thought I would find the most men in this section. I am pregnant with my first baby, and have never been very s_xually experimental. Lately though, I've been having fantasies, and wanting to spice up our s_x life. With like role play, and I dont know why, but I have wanted to watch lesbian p___n with my hubby. Why lesbian? I DONT KNOW! I cant figure this out. Anyway, I dont know how to tell him. How would you take it if your wife who had never brought anything like this up, told you she was interested in these things??


Jbear - November 22

I'm not a man, but here's my own experience. During my first pregnancy I started wanting to try new and strange things with my husband (a lot stranger than watching lesbian p___n, I'll spare you the details). Usually when I wanted to do something new with him, I'd tell him I'd been having strange dreams and that I'd had a really interesting one where we...(whatever I wanted to try). Then if he seemed interested, I'd ask if he'd ever want to try it in real life. We added some things to our s_x life that way that we continue to do, years later. Also, about lesbian p___n, almost all p___n movies have at least one lesbian scene in them, especially the kind that have a story to them. So if you rent a movie with your husband, chances are you'll see what you want to see without having to explicitly ask for it. My husband is always excited when I want to try something new. I think p___n is a part of a lot of guys' lives, secretly, and when you get interested in it too, it's like something new you have in common with your husband. I usually go to the adult video store with my husband and we pick things out together...the only time he was actually embara__sed by my being there was when I was 8 months pregnant, the cashier was a guy he'd gone to high school with, and I was buying a "toy".


Kate - November 22

Thank you Jbear, you totally eased my mind!


JBEAR - November 28




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