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less of a man - July 21

Wife is 11 weeks preg. and is really not a fan of her husband. She can't sleep in the bed with me in it so I sleep on the couch. She doesn't want to talk to me because it drains her but she has energy to be a cheerleader coach and everything else. She says that she doesn't have a beef with everyone else that’s why she is only mad at me. I try to take it all in stride but the mornings I wake up mad and lonely. Why can’t I have my bad days too? I don’t yell but I do kind of stomp around ticked off. I haven't made love since may haven't even been able to cuddle. She says I should be more of a man and just get over it but it's so hard. I just had to explode to someone. Does anyone here know how to be more of a man and not show how much you miss your wife and need her....


Jamie - July 23

I personally think it's your wife who has the problem, not you. There have been times during this pregnancy that I didn't want to be touched, and lord knows I haven't been "in the mood" for months on end...but my husband has been my best friend through it all.


Kerry - July 23

I agree with Jamie It's your wife who has the problem you are a man!!! At least you admit that you miss your wife and that should be important to her.Why can't she sleep with you in bed? At 11 weeks it's not like she's big and uncomfortable,at that time in my pregnancy I was moody but I needed my husband then more than ever and s_x was still very much on the menu.Why is she mad at you?I say you better talk or you'll never make it through this pregnancy.Good luck and hang in there


Jbear - July 24

Being pregnant feels a lot like having PMS, but a hundred times worse. A lot of us turn into real b___hes, at least at the beginning of pregnancy, and who better to be grouchy with than the man who caused the whole thing? I barely spoke to my husband for the first four months of my first pregnancy (he got me pregnant in my sleep). By the time I felt like talking again, he was so p__sed off that he wanted to leave. We managed to work everything out. It wasn't easy. Your wife is probably scared and she feels like you don't have to worry about any of the same things she does. She's using all her energy at work to prove she can still do her job when she's pregnant. Maybe you could do some of the household chores so she didn't have as much to do? Or offer to take her out to dinner a couple of nights a week, or get takeout if she's too tired to go anywhere. My husband read my copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and every time I mentioned some symptom, he said, "I've read that this will help, or that symptom usually pa__ses by whatever week..." It made me feel like he at least cared what was going on with my body. He would also tell me he liked my new shape, and how incredible he thought it was that our baby was growing in my tummy. Of course this was all during my first pregnancy...the second time around, he got a second job so I could quit working at 6 months, and figures he's done his part...



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