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New Daddy - September 1

Do fathers experience pregnancy sickness?


Maureen - May 28

Ha, ha, ha, that's a good one.


jackie - May 30

yes it is posible


valerie - June 19

my husband was sick for my first three months of pregnancy, he also gained 20 pounds with me.


minnie - June 20

My husband has been acting more effectionate since he found out I was pregnant again. He apologizes if he thinks he said somthing wrong, and he has been picking out names for a lil boy. We are hoping to get a boy this time.


hello - June 29

Its very possible for your man to experience sympthy pains and nausea


Charolette - July 13

Oh Yes! With my first pregnancy, my partner got morning sickness instead of me. Unfortunately, I lost that pregnancy, now I'm pregnant again I so wish he was getting sick instead of me. LOL


amy - July 14

It is very much possible, my husband and I was sick and we may be pregnant again because he is experiencing "daddy sickness" just like the last two times but that is perfectly fine we thank Jesus Christ for each blessing he gives us!!!!!good luck to you!


williams - July 14

yes my husband was sick with the first two pregnancy's and is sick again so maybe the good lord is blessing us with two more!!!!


CJ - July 21

I've heard from others' experiences that the father's experience "sympathy pains". In my case, he hasn't been feeling sick with me. But he's been having some strange cravings. It could just be coincidence, but I like to think he's experiencing the pregnancy with me. =)


Shelly - August 6

yes its postible, my boyfriend went through everything sickness and cravings and put on some pounds thats not good for his job though


Peter - September 1

Most definitely - I went through three months of morning sickness with my first wife - we had a son. With my current wife, our first two were girls - nothing. She's pregnant again, and I am having morning sickness with her - here's hoping it's a boy!


Kay - September 15

I believe so. It's not like the dad is pregnant, but they have a lot ot stress on them as well, which sometimes causes nuasea.


amber - September 18

My husband has experienced most my symptoms.. He had cravings, as well as morning sickness for a while. So yes, i think it is.


ashley - September 29

Yes, it is possible but neither me or my husband have been getting sick or having "sympathy pains". Actually I've only been sick once so far and I'm 6 1/2 mos or so. We make fun of my best friend having sympathy pains for me cuz the one day i got sick he got sick too.


BRIAN CANTER - September 29

My wife is 3 months pregnant and i am experiencing nausea and morning sickness! And i get emotional! I cant wait till the baby is born in march 2005!!


shanetra - January 31

i believe, so when a friend was pregnant the father of the child was sick not her



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