My Ex S Is Returning To Normal After Braking Up With Me

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mrfaosfx - June 2

So i've been reading the forums lately and I know i'm not the only one who has had their loved one leave them during the pregnancy. I always hoped that it would be hormones but then again, it may have not been hormones but the last 3 days I am fully convinced it definitely is the hormones! What am about to tell you guys right now will bring hope for those that think their women will not return with them. I started off by employing the no contact rule. The amazing thing is that I employed this rule for only 3 days and my ex-girlfriend went totally crazy calling and texting me. When I had decided to pick up the phone and responded, she was upset and worried and asked why I had not contacted her in the last 3 days! I told her, I had moved on and was planning to leave town to start a new life and that i'll be there to support the baby when the time comes. took a while of talking and texting but she finally gave in and spilled it with out wanting too. She told me that she needed to be alone because because she couldn't control what she was feeling and was very emotional and that me living would make it worse...she went on to explain, that for now, she doesn't want us to be a couple but still wants me in her life, she said she can't explain why she doesn't want to be with me and thinks its the pregnancy. I kept insisting I was going to leave town for good...and she just couldn't hold it anymore. Suddenly the words, I thought id never hear again, simply came out of her mouth... "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, please don't leave. I love you baby." --- I was shocked! I said, "I love you too, more than you can imagine." She wanted me to come over and I took a good bath, dressed good and went to her place. I was greeted with a big hug and a load of kisses on the lips, we made out on the couch for like 3 minutes non-stop, she kept telling she missed me, how I was the woman of her life and always looked in my eyes and told me that she loves me, with all her heart." WOW....I could not believe it. I had a feeling that during the 2nd trimester her hormone levels would settle in and she would return to "normal" and looks like in fact that is true. This women went from plain down right hating me, in the beginning to suddenly telling me she loves me all over again...its like love never left, its true what they say, no matter how many obstacles you throw on top, if you clear those obstacles, love is there at the bottom, just as you left it! She told me, that everything that she did was to push me away, so that I would stop pressuring her to be together again. I told her I understood and will give her time and she said, "Thank you, oh my god, I love you so much. Just give me a couple of months until I feel more secure." I said, ok...I love you and she said it back with a big hug and kiss. My heart was beating so fast, I think I almost had a heart attack and almost cried I think, to have her in my arms like I used to, holding her, knowing that I never lost her lob. Now she calls me everyday just to tell me, "I love you." I of course say it back, because I truly love this women with all my heart. I came over the second day and we sat together on the couch, my head on her chest all nice and cuddled up with her talking and she said, "we should go to church and make a promise to never separate and always be together." I looked at her with a smile and said, "yes, I would like that." My heart tells me, that this is the women of my life, the one that is meant to be, shes given me a reason to hold on now...I thought I would never be with her again but I was SOOO wrong, her love was always there, I just couldn't see it because I was an emotional wreck. To those who had their girl leave on them, just give them time, they still love you, they are just going through a very hard time, trust me! The hormones are affection their decisions...specially the ones that are emotional. I'm happy to be loved by her ... its a beautiful feeling. All of my pain and suffering have been lifted away and I feel a changed man, I feel like god has given me a second chance and this time, I will always be there for her.



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