My Fiancee Left Me

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cormack - January 17

well me and my fiancee were set to be married this year 11/12/2010 we just moved into a unit everything was going well then she started to change wasn't the same towards me then we find out she is pregnant i was so happy then i told her i love her she reply yer u2 then her friends party i worked all day come home cleaned then picked her up from work started drinking we went out i was tired so i said i was leaving she went off then msged me saying im not coming home seen her the next day all she could say was i changed and she don't love me the same then she cant trust me then she moved out i was a wreck still am she left me 2nd of Jan then i get msg saying i have being hooking up with other ppl then that she don't want the baby to have the name i picked out of my last name then a fue nights ago she msged me saying that the baby aint mine and to stay out of her life and all this other stuff it is tearing me apart cause its all i ever wanted so is she i still love her so much and i hope it is just the hormones.. i would like some feed back cause i don't know what to do i msg her seeing how she is and talk about how she is doing with the pregnancy and all that but she seems to hate me more :(


daddy2be - January 22

Wow that is a rough start to the new year! I haven't been accused of cheating or going out too much etc. At first she didn't want me to go out. Now if she had extra money I think she would send me out of the She is staying at her moms the past two nights just to get away from me. It hurts and it hurts bad. All I can say is just be good and definitely don't go out with ANY women friends or with other intentions. As long as she is really having your kid she will come back around. She probably just said that to push you away more. If you are unsure you can just find out her due date and do some research and find out when the baby was conceived and jog your memory before it gets too far back in time. Keep me posted!



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