My Husband Is Too Concerned Help

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going nuts - August 29

This is our first pregnancy and my husband is going crazy. He won't let me hold cats, eat fish, or carry the groceries inside. I can't even clean the bathroom. It was great at first, but last night I woke up to a stethascope on my stomach (I'm only 20 weeks).Does anyoe know of a book for concerend dads? thanks


Kirk - August 30

You have to understand one thing, and thats your husband is trying to do everything possible to make you feel comfy, and that is a good thing. Dont get irritated by it please, take it as him loving you and just wanting you to feel good, i was the same way when my wife had our 1st kid


Sonia - August 30

What I could recommend you is a visit to your doctor, ask your hubby to make a list of all the things he's concerned about you doing/eating, etc... and let the doctor know, my bf is kinda the same way, and no matter what I say he continues to worry, I guess coming from a doctor it will make him feel more at ease.


Olivene - August 31

It's nice. I fear my husband would say "What?! You're not sick!"


Jamie - August 31

My husband was the same way...right up until I had my c-section. It was very annoying to be treated with kid gloves while I was pregnant, but even worse to be expected to recover from major surgery overnight. Love it while you've got it.


Rachel - September 3

Are you crazy girl? I'm 12 weeks and my husband has yet to take any household workload off of me. Enjoy the pampering while it lasts! =)


Jbear - September 5

Enjoy the attention and let your husband pamper you. After the baby is born, all that attention will go to the baby and you'll be the one pampering the baby around the clock. My husband was sweet and concerned during my first pregnancy. During my second, he wouldn't touch me, and when I mentioned anything about the baby, he said, "That's your project, don't tell me about it." I would have given anything for the attention he gave me during my first pregnancy.


going nuts - September 7

Hi, thanks everyone for the encouragment. I have finally started to gain weight and my husband is at ease. Additionally I have convinced him to buy "simple green" cleansers, so i can spray down the counters and bathroom.We also got one of those applifying stethascopes so hubby can listen anytime he wants!


actually - September 11

simple green cleanser is highly toxic. google it and see for yourself. the toxicity of simple green cleanser is right up there with industrial strength cleansers. sorry to tell you this. maybe try a bit of diluted bleach and water in a spray bottle instead, if your man lets you.


actually - September 11

oh, that toxic ingredient in simple green is called butyl cellosolve, and it has been determined to cause destruction to healthy red blood cells. i'm sure hubby wouldn't want any of that to happen.


to actually - September 11

Really, I should have talked to my doc. insteadof prenatal web stuff. thank you thank you


to actually - September 11

Again thanks, my husband says so too. I guess he'll have to continue cleaning


hahahha - September 12

You are so lucky!! He's obviously read up on how to take care of you :) Cats (litter boxes) can cause problems in a pregnancy, as can the strain of carrying things and strenuous cleaning! I think the stethoscope is pushing it a bit, but its wonderful that he is so into it and excited about it.


Rachel - October 9

lol, I wish my husband did that


going nuts - October 9

Hi Rachel! My DH is getting even stranger. We went to the maternity store last week and he followed me into the changing room. He kept sticking his fingers into the elastic waistbands (while I wore the pants) and telling me that "the baby needs more room to grow!" They were maternity pants...full panel! I was so embarra__sed. He vetoed every pair, but one. Then on Friday we went to a street fair. He walked directly in front of me gently pushing aside people who didn't move fast enough. You should see him when I (gently) pretend my tummy is a drum. He freaks out!!


Rachel - October 10

lol, yeah, that's a little over concerned, i'd tell him if its really bothering you, take it down a notch...or two



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