My Husband Wants To Quit His Job

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worried - November 7

My husband wants to change careers. The one he has now provides insurance and a stable income. He went to college for 6 years to get the position. We decided to have a baby and I stopped my career because this job was going to provide for all of us. Now he wants to get a labor job. He has an amazing work ethic, but labor jobs can ruin any man's body in a split second and they do not always last. Additionaly, he will be around even less to be with me and the baby. He's soooo passionate about this change, but the numbers won't add up. He's calling me selfish, and I think he is not being practical. I was reared with a father who broke his back twice for the crew. My husband comes from 6$ figure college graduates. Why is he doing this?


Good Question? - November 7

Yes, Unfortunately I don't think many men follow these forums... it does seem pretty irresponsible to change careers now that you are so vulnerable financially and emotionally. Taking a pay cut and adding more hours to your day just aren't wise decisions to make when you have a newborn. I hope you get some Men to respond, but if not, Good luck.


Jamie - November 8

He's the one being selfish, not you. Ask him to wait until the baby's a bit older...maybe that will change his mind?


Ginny - November 8

Another female perspective! It's possible that having a baby is overwhelming him, making him re-evaluate what he wants to do with his life. Maybe he feels like life is getting beyond his control, and making a job switch puts him back in control. (To male readers, am I any where close?) I think that Jamie is right, maybe you could talk to him about changing careers in the future. That's less threatening to you since you all could have time to deal with it, and less threatening to him because he could still make his own decision. Good luck to you!


kr - November 8

Ginny, the baby is overwhelming him, and he wants I try to let him make many of the decisions about what is happening in our life (car choice, where we live,even pediatrician). He is "re-evaluating" the problem he is not seeing is that we can not re-evaluate whether or not I can leave my career and have a's already in motion. I don't want a miserable husband, which I think he will be when he see how trapping and demanding a labor job will be after 10 years thanks for the input. Right now I'm just asking him to do research.


- November 8

at least encourage him to wait until AFTER the baby is born!



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