My Pregnant Gf Dosnt Love Me

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i25 - July 31

i need help more than ever my girl friend says she dosnt have feelings for me be for she gor pregnant she loved me so much i was her first and she was mine she was so exited to have the baby she would begg and be mad if i didnt give it to her she found out she was preg 3 months ago she said tha baby wasnt planed now maby it wasnt prepared for but she knew she wanted it so it was planed i thonk but anyways she didnt show up to my graduation and i thought i had a right to be mad becaus i knew she could have made it i didnt talk to her for about a months and if i did it was to say how i was mad that she didnt go to it and how could she have been so cold we talked about a week ago and now she says the time apart made her realize she wasnt in love with me :( i dont understand how she can feel that way so i said i for gave her lets just be happy and raise this baby together she says right now all she wants to be is friends i can go to her house and talk and stuff but not as a boyfriends shes been hangin out with her friends more offten and talking to her guy friends again she said she didnt want to be with some one who didnt let her have guy friends so i said thats fine she can have them as long as i got to know them to and she replyed well what if they dont wanna talk to you i told her then no i wont acsept that my mom talked to her and she told her she just didnt have feelings for me any more i begged her to give me a chance to be back in her life she keeps sayin she just wants to be friends MABY later we can go back but not right now becaus im not going to force my self to love you and im not going to do it just becaus we have a baby im so sad she was never this mean she was that sweet inocent girl that just loved me and now i feel shes some one ells she dosnt hug me when i cry or tell me things will be ok she just stares at me or turns and reads a book or tv im scared i will loose my familey iv tryed every thign even prayed next to her and she said she dosnt want to pray with me or go to counseling what can i do shes 20 and so am i im so lost i wish she could just love me like she did or that we could just be happy i thought we would be together forever but she dosnt feel that way about me any more she says what can i do i dont want to live with out her and her friends dont help they all tell her well if u dont feel love for him dont force your self i know she loves me but she just isnt her self and its sad becaus all i wanna do is make her happy and go buy what ever she craves rub coco butter on her belly wake up next to her but she just dosnt want that iv never cryed this much over a girl


i25 - August 1

i found my answer i think haha i was an emotional wreck i had never felt this for a girl the pain the crying then trying to be happy then sad but i know y now hahaaa im goin thrue my gf simptoms i have mood swings and i drove her away by smuthering her to love me i hope its now to late i feel so much better now tho


i25 - August 4

stopyourdivorce . c om go to that web sight trust me guys im hear for you all


Samael - March 18

I'm in EXACTLY the same situation only I'm 26, she's 22. She'll hug me etc. and be friends but she is irritable because I'm upset. We've been together for three years, I can't imagine life without her. I'm really hoping it's her hormones and I'm trying to give her space and support all the same. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed. She won't go to relationship councelling either.


mrfaosfx - May 21

Oh wow, its always the same with every pregnant girl, lol. When I wanted to talk to my girl, I wanted to know why she moved out and if she loved me. I too was an emotional wreck and broke in tears, while she sat there strong, telling me that she didn't love me anymore and that no matter how many times I asked her, she will never go back with me. I was hurt so bad I wanted to just end my life, its a terrible feeling. You have this person you feel in love with and then from night to day, you simply loose her and you feel helpless. Just relax, forget about her, give her space. Now that she is pregnant everything is a big deal, trust me! If there is no food in the fridge, she will worry, if she has unpaid bills, she will worry, she will cry for no reason, she might even cry because she left you BUT, she isn't going to tell you this! So you see, right now, she doesn't want to know about love, she just wants to worry about herself and the baby, that is all that matters. All you did was inject her with a recipe for life and now she has to do all the hard work of making it all happen for 9 long months. Be nice to her always and you will see, once the baby is born and her hormone levels settle down, you will have her back. I'm telling you this based on what i've read from here. My girl or "was" is due on November 19th. So I think that maybe by thanks giving, we will be a couple again if everything goes well, I will not give up on her.



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