My Pregnant Girlfriend Ex Is Ripping Out My Heart

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destroyed127 - September 4

I was with my ex a good 7 months before we got pregnant. We were perfect together, we never fought, we agree on everything, I've never even yelled at her till we split I was always the perfect boyfriend. I treated her like a queen. She didnt have a job at Christmas, so i spent all my money buying her current child all her Christmas presents. Before I even met her current daughter, my ex didn't have money to pay her cell bill, so i bought her an expensive phone and paid all the bills on it. She didn't have a job when we got our place together, so i worked my job and multiple others so we could live. She had a car that was on the verge of being cubed, so ofcourse i fixed it for her. I've never wronged her, I've always been there for her. Then 3 weeks into the pregnancy, everything changed. She became beyond distant, shed be friendly to everyone but me. I can't lie, I didn't understand at the time, and i wasn't understanding of this. We got tense. Then I found her telling people how she's been trying to get rid of me. I confronted her on this, we fought, and she broke up with me. We were seperated, and living together. Extreme tension now. She wouldn't look at me, she wouldn't talk to me, dead silence. I tried talking it out with her, she told me she didn't love me anymore. This was the worst day of my life. One night we got into an argument over the air conditioner (stupid) and she attacked me. Punches, scratches, threats and a police call. The next day her mother convinced her to file a pfa against me. Her mother is a very disgusting person. And ruins my ex's life, but now that she's hormonal, her mother is her best friend. That in its self is a bad sign. So I'm kicked out of my home. The 15 days pass for the pfa hearing, and she drops it. Then she tells me she wants to get back together. This lasts 3 days, then her brother comes in and tells her I've been talking shit on her family. I never did. But I was never heard out. A jealous girl was spreading rumors, and I'm the bad guy. So all effort ends there. She's back to the way she used to be. Now, we talk, then she fights with me. She says she doesn't love me anymore, and tnhere is no chance of us getting back together. I love this girl more than life its self. Even after she hurt me, and made me homeless. I don't know if its the hormones, I don't know if i should stick around. She says she doesn't want a relationship, and is trying to be my friend. I can't just be friends, and if i play along, I can't be stuck as a friend... Please... I need help... She's at 7 months now. I need her back.


jammiec - September 7

okaay i left advice but apparently it automatically deletes if ther are emails in it so i will do it this way...i have personal experiannce with if you want u can write me at josalynnsmama at yahoo mail and ilo be there to talk to


destroyed127 - September 7

Thanks, I sent you an email. If you didn't get it, I'm at anamelessevil at America online. I appreciate all the help I can get, because this makes no sense to me at all.


E457 - August 23

old thread



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