My Pregnant Girlfriend Seems To Hate Me

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Mikinho - March 23

We had the best relationship. She is the most amazing woman that i have ever met, and I love here more than ANYTHING. However, we found out about a month ago that she's pregnant. I knew something was wrong b/c she went from being loving, affectionate and caring, to having nothing for me. It's as if all of her love for me died, and it's killing me inside. I try and be there for her, but she simply doesn't want me around, and it hurts terribly. I recently went on a vacation w/ her and her family, and we got in such an argument that she told me she wanted me out. She made me leave a family vacation in which I went with her family. I love this woman more than anything, and can't wait to be the father of her child, but I don't know if I can handle the hurt I feel on the inside anymore. This is breaking my heart, and I am a complete disaster. All I hear is the hormones, the hormones, the hormones. Can pregnancy really be this difficult? What can I do? I am completely lost.


Rob - March 28

I think it can be that difficult. Once my gf was pregnant she didnt really have time for me anymore and spent most of her time with her friends, she didnt want to spend any time with me. We did split up. But later on in her pregnancy she started talking to me more and we got on a lot better and ended up getting back together. After our daughter was born she went off the rails with PPD and that was a nightmare. I think hormones can do crazy things! My gf couldnt bond with our daughter and she ended up hitting me and I had to throw her out. But she got help and we are back together now and shes great with our little girl. Was your baby planned? She may be feeling scared of becoming a mother, and with you being the closest to her, lashing out at you. I think the only way to sort things out is to sit her down and talk everything through, from how she feels about the pregnancy, to why shes lashing out at you so much. Sorry I cant be much help, its difficult cos everyones different and has their own way of dealing with things. Just to know you're not the only one!


Italianhuney - April 12

For me being a pregnant woman... YES... it's hormones, hormones, hormones... trust me... don't worry about it.. they will eventually go away especially since she's in her first trimester. My poor bf feels just like you in fact I thought this was like a secret post of his lol. He always asks what can he do for me... HONESTLY... all i want for him is to listen to how i feel and not get mad, if I want to be alone for a couple hours and take a nap... LET ME! If I want to go shopping alone... LET ME! Alone time is a big must during pregnancy... to me at least... and if you guys are fighting... try your best to be the good person and end it..... it's stressful enough being pregnant!!!!!!!!


stephgts - April 17

My boyfriend left me because of my hormones. He pretty much thought I was lying when I would tell him that I was upset because of my hormones raging. He thought it was all just ME. He told me that I was crazy, told everyone around me that I was crazy. I got on medication because I was so worried that everyone would hate me and now I"m a lot better. Mind you, I never did anything horrible. I got snappy with him for not bringing home things that I wanted from the store, or the wrong things. I got angry because he wouldn't call when he was going to be late. Pregnant women are very needy. Whether they need you there, or they need alone time, they definitely need what they need. Just please remember that, however unreasonable she might seem, she really does love you...even if she's telling you that she doesn't right now. Hormones can make your whole att_tude do a complete 180. Just be sweet to her and if it gets really bad, maybe she should talk to her doc about methods of controlling her emotions.


Ducky - April 20

When I was pregnant I was the same way. Im pretty sure it was because I didn't know if I wanted to be with my boyfriend. But he did every thing he could for and didn't complain at all. When I would get mad at something (usually some thing little) he would let me yell and yell and when I was done he would talk it out with me. He never started any fights and tried to avoid them as best he could. I ended up staying around and we are very happy with our 1 month old son. Try and be there for her as much as possible. Try talking about the baby and see what her reaction is. Talk about baby clothes and baby information. If she doesn't seem to be happy with that then try to talk to her about something else. If she doesn't want to talk to you at all then ask her if there is any thing she would like you to do and just leave her alone. Put her above you for a while and see where that gets you. A pregnant woman always wants to know that her man cares and is excited about the baby. If there seems to be no way of getting to her you can try one last thing that usually works. Take her shopping and walk around with her. Just you and her. You can shop for baby things or even maternity out fits. What ever you do make the whole thing about her. Good luck.


LollyM - April 21

Pregnancy hormones can be so hard for a couple to endure! Try to hang in there, she may be scared and even feeling resentful if it wasn't planned. Try talking to her about it and tell her how you're feeling. I had to realize that my hormones weren't only affecting me, but my fiance as well. He tries so hard to be patent with them still ( im 24 weeks now) but I am much better about realizing when I am having a mood swing and try not to be so hard on him. I used to cry and carry on in the middle of the night when I was in my first months, I would blame him for everything and I felt so bad when I realized what I was doing, but it took him confronting me about the hormone problem for me to see it. Pregnant women can't help but feel kind of self centered early on because after all, they hurt and are sick and as much as their significant other tries to sympathize, he is a man and can not truly know how she feels. In a way, being pregnant lets a girl let out all kinds of emotions because she has an excuse to do it now. If your relationship was good before, it will likely be good again, it will take patience. Just talk to her, maybe try romance even, and remind her of how much you love her and are looking forward to being a dad. Good luck! Remember, her hormones will calm down at some point so just be there for her, but give her space if she needs it.


Cynth - May 15

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I myself can say it is true about the hormones...I am not pregnant anymore, but a week ago I was ten 1/2 weeks (I lost it). I didn't really know I was pregnant, cuz I'm usually late. What I can tell you about you is that I lost my husband because of my crazy hormones. I think back and remember how I was treating him and omg, I would never say those means things to him now, I kicked him out of our house and now we are separated. I feel so sorry and try to explain to him that I could not control myself. Honestly I look back and I was a b___h, picking at him for every little thing, stuff that really didn't bother me before. I felt so tired, I felt like I hated him, I had that thought constantly in my mind. And the truth is that I love him and I want to be with him more than anything. We already have a daughter together, we've only been married 3 years, and we have had our problems, but most of them were always because of him. All I can tell you is that hopefully her love and yours is strong enough to get back together when the baby comes. I don't know how long it will be before the hormones stop making her decide things she probably (like me) never really wanted. Reading your story makes me understand how my husband felt and I don't know what to do to make him come back. The worst part is that we do love eachother, we've seen eachother and been together, but he won't come back cuz I really hurt him with my words (real mean and evil) he is afraid of me kicking him out again and for him not to have a place to go. It's really bad. Hopefully she won't realize too late what she is doing, it's hard to even aproach a woman in this condition and try to be understanding. Like I said maybe your love (which does seem to be strong) will overcome this and at least you have some knowledge now. Good Luck!


Mikinho - May 16

Yeah this has definitely been the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life, and more importantly I think this pregnancy has been a test of love. Unfortunately, on my part, our love and relationship couldn't withstand the heartache. I miss her, and love her more than I ever thought possible. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. But there's nothing I can do about any of this. She says it's all my fault, and it was I who didn't try. It's all too sad. We had such a future together. Now all I can do is stay positive, and be there for my child.


MissTessa - May 20

I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and everyting I read says I should feel so much better. I don't. I know what your going through, I did the same thing to Stu. I had no idea I was pregnant, and our relationship headed sour. We found out and he was happy, and I was happy and scared. Now I feel like my body is falling apart, I have to keep up this appearance for family (especially soon to be family), I lost my job early on and sit at home alone all day. I don't really have friends that have kids, and my closest friend is getting married 2 weeks aftr my due date so she's wrapped up being bridezilla. I take it all out on Stu. Even while I'm upset and crying I know I'm being stupid and hormonal. I can't stop for some reason. He's lost at what to do. He tells me that he's just begin a guy about it. It crushes me. She'll come around. Make sure she knows you want to be with HER more than anything, and this baby is one of those extra bonuses tht come with the great package now. Let her know that it won't change the love you have for her in a bad way, but for the better. SHe's probally freaking out about all the changes to her life.


jrcreations - May 30

Women go through a lot during pregnancy, men do too (the good ones), everyone will go through changes, and I am sure she don't hate you. Remember it's nether her or your fault about the pregnancy. It's a wonderful thing, a life, that you produced. Wait it out, I never been in this situation, (hopefully I will), and I can only go by what I have been told. It's a special thing, life is, not everyone has the priveledge, keep that in thought. I wish you the best of luck, and terribly sorry I couldn't help you in anyway.


electronicandy - May 31

Not sure if you still check this question, but I am on my second pregnancy, and I have to tell you, it most likely IS hormones. It really messes with your head, and I know you probably don't deserve the treatment you get sometimes from her, and you don't have to just accept it, but do try to understand it. Now, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I suddenly lost all feeling for my boyfriend. I felt like I didn't want him in my life at all. I actually left him. After I had the baby, and my hormones went back to normal and stabilized.... I realized that I had made a horrible decision. I begged for him back, but he was so hurt that it really took us a LONG time to get on track again. Anyway, I'm just trying to tell you that I don't know how she will react to what's going on with her, but you are sure to have some tough times. I'm sure she really does love you alot, but she's confused.


Mikinho - May 31

Yeah, well we split up about 2 months ago. I still try and show her that I love her, and can't wait for our baby, but unfortunately she hates me. We had a few disagreements in our relationship from time time, and we both made some minor mistakes, but I never did anything to deserve this. All I can do is take care of me until the baby is born. There's nothing left in me that can believe she does, or ever did, care for me. After all that's been said and done, it's just too much for me to deal with. But I do greatly appreciate all of your replies to my post. It does give me a linger of hope.


p43rw - July 24

Well my friend i myself dont know what else to do, the first 3 months she was so loving and caring then suddenly it started she hates me she doesn't love me anymore she packed up everything and left, now she doesn't even wanna tell me how the baby is doing she is in her 6 to 7 month is that normal? she is friendly to everybody except me..... and i love her like my life , so what should i do i dunno


poppy - August 15

I hope it's hormones. I say that because I am hoping my changed feelings towards my partner is hormonal. We tried for 6 months for this baby and were both really pleased when we found out I was pregnant. Things were going fine until end of week 7, then almost overnight I went off my partner. I am now 10 and half weeks pregnant and we are having problems. I can't bear for him to even hold my hand and I am pleased during the day when he is at work and I have some space. I cannot understand myself, but I am struggling to like him at all and wondering if we even have a future together. i hate hurting him, but feeling so negative towards him is hurtung me too.....I hope I am just another hormonal woman...


bigpop - August 29

Dude, I'm going thru the same thing. My girl left 5 weeks ago. All her stuff is here and her mail comes to my house. But she says she doesn't want to be with me. I 'm going crazy myself. You and your girl gedt back together yet?


tristansdad - September 4

Hormones affect different women in different ways, had you ever spoke about children in the past, maybe she had a set way of doing things ie:marriage then children etc.... and having become pregnant this has "broken her rules" and men will get the blame. Do her family know? What do they think of you as a person? could you talk to them about what she is putting you through? I would say communication is the key


hopefull_dad - October 15

Hi there did any of you have any positive outcomes in your relationships, mainly polly and Mikinho, i am going throuhg the same and would like to know how your situations turned out Thanks



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