My Pregnant Girlfriend Seems To Hate Me

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whatsgoinon - June 24

Now what reason would he have to blank you unless she has filled their heads up with c___p! That's what you have to think to urself buddy! Eeeerm, a bit strange this end to be honest buddy, she came round on Sat and completely cleaned the house top to bottom, bleached all the woodwork etc, saying she wanted to come back early this week, then yesterday it's well maybe I will within the next couple of weeks or so, I kinda got a bit p__sed off and just said "what makes you think you can call all the shots, you best hurry up and decide other it may not be your decision any longer" And I may have added " I don't need to be with you to be a good daddy" All I want is the family unit but a fella can only be pushed so far man! Kinda regret saying it today but we have spoken already and she seems ok "ish"..... Yes bud, gimme a text and well chat!!


didntseethis - June 24

Whatsgoinon .. mate she must havin be fulling his head with the lies she has been telling others i seen her to day with her mother coming out of docs geting into car she looks big and pretty well all my feelings are still there when i seen her i felt like i wanted to go over and speak to her gutted aint the word .. well mate trust me even when we were talking sometimes you say things to get a reaction or you say something because it all gets on top of you its alright for them to keep using the hormone card everytime they say or do something they have to expect us to bite sometimes its no good keep getting stress off them and have to take there evil ways without not being able to say anything back ..


didntseethis - July 14

any one had much luck ?


didntseethis - August 4

whatsgoinon..hows things with you mate any better ?


didntseethis - September 17

4 weeks till my daughter is due still had no contact from her not got any easier seen her a few times and she just walked the other way .. how is others getting on any luck with a change ..?


whatsgoinon - September 18

Hello mate, I feel for ya bro I really do, I got just over 6 weeks now, is there not anyway whatsoever you can speak to her about visiting etc, write her a letter? Speak to her mum or a friend? You need to be part of that little girls life, it's so important for them to have a daddy u know!! She sounds like one right b___h mate if you don't mind me saying so!! Well, complete turn around my end, near enough completely back to 100% normal! Full of apologies, realizes that she acted completely crazy for 3 - 4 months, can't stop apologizing, apologized to all my family for acting this way so on the whole I think my end things should be ok! ( I know u don't wanna hear it mate sorry ) Hope ur cool within urself tho mate........................


Outcast father - April 17



faylouise - July 31

Me & my ex partner are expecting twins but from the start of the pregnancy he had fake fb accounts and a POF online dating account all leading to other women, he sneaked out the other night when i was asleep and didnt come home till 9am! So it's safe to say we are no longer together... Now hes seen this page and is blaming me not wanting him on the pregnancy... Its actually because he's been unfaithful... So... Don't jump to conclusions and blame the pregnancy see if theres any other underlying issues! Thanks


djmatty1991 - July 31

i want to clear alot of things up for my partner who is faylouise above my post i shown her this site hopeing she would stop all this but she has not and posted somthing up once again thats not fuully true as she only belives what she wants to as she is paranoid. Ive been with my partner for a nearly three years now and she means the world to me ive only ever slept with one woman and thats her self since the first day i met her i knew she was the one for me and she was my soul mate i've never felt so much love for anyone other than her. when we first started going out she was all over me and i didnt open up at first because i didnt want to push her away or have my heart broken after abit i opened my heart and my arms to her as much as she did but after abit she shut off from me we have had many arguments that i am to fault for and so is she but its always been me fighting for her and doing the running and for ages she used to use that against me if she wanted it all her way and i backed down but after abit i grew strong and walked away from her because it was hurting me so much because i got so down i wanted to hurt my self ive played games acting if im getting into someone to see if she comes running but she doesnt i was hurt and lost and i was getting no love back. after abit she saw sence what she was doing and we was fine but she used to put her friends before me and drop me most of the time when i would always drop my plans and sicne we found out she was pregnaent to twins ( boy and girl so happy ) she has been so paranoid and when ever i went to see my mates she would kick off and say your putting the first but we were not doing anything or she would ring me and i couldnt pick up as we was doing something and she would say im picking him over her on a call even tho she was in work when ever i go to see a mate she kicks off its like i am not aloud any mates and ive gave up so many mates in the past for her and now i only have two mates its like the other night we found out the s_x and she wanted to go home n bed after it, things have been hard for me at home and dealing with my partner the way she is i text her and said im going craigs and i got nothing back i needed to get away from home because i couldnt stay a moment there so i went his we had a drink and he said stay in the spare room mate for tonight get away from it all so i did and i woke up all refresh and i looked at my phone to abuse from her again about me being at my mates calling me a cheat i'm dead to her post on fb and wats app about me wishing i was dead i tried telling her but she never listens to me and all she does is makes these stories in her head and gets paranoid. as for the pof i went on there because i was hurt and she was using the twins as a weapon n telling me she will get another person to relace me and calling me everything i dont like calling her names i hate it because of what i had to deal with growing up as a kid every argument she calls me nasty names bullyies me so much uses the twins she never listens to me and always thinks the worst of me yet she used to go and sleep at her mates when she was kicked out because her mum does not like me or when they fell out or go sleep at her mates but i do it and its not ok. i've really tried guys ive wanted to marry this girl for a long time and even that she nasty about it i know your staying stay strong but there is only so long you can take the blaim for everything even tho its not me and you can only fight and hold on for so long im just so hurt because she says she never loved me and when she says i do i didnt mean it i dont believe it so now i'm walking away and i'm going to be strong and one day she will she what she has been like and how wrong she was and how late it is now i'm going to just be there for the twins and be the best dad in the world to them and if she needs out i will try and support her as just the father of the twins i have lost all love for this woman i fell in love with and i no longer see that girl i once saw


faylouise - July 31

Just remember the above djmatty1991 is a cheat hes actually kissed his mate, gets his family to text and lie to me sneaking out and also he caused that much trouble for my home and mother I was kicked out and thinks me being homeless is a way for him to sleep about with god knows who! I have proof of everything you have done, every 6 facebook account u created the.conversations with girls while i was pregnant and also your pof information while i was pregnant! Ur actually a disgrace


djmatty1991 - July 31

look fay say what you want i used nat to see if you will come running to me this was a year and 2 months together ok as for going out i tell you the truth you go sick im scared of you what you will do to me and say and be like so i lied because im scared because the truth you dont like as for my ex mate yeah your right he did all that not me i told u when he says it but do i do it no im not like that fay ok ive done things in the past but u live in the past i forgive and forget i dont live in hate i was paranoid at the start then you told me im going to push you away and your doing it to me fay and when i found out your preg i thought i do trust u i have nothing to worry about because i love you and when i do ask you you tell me and i drop it you dont you look into things too much and make things up and lies n your a bully and nasty to me fay fay your never going to change or see what your doing one day you will fay you lie to your self make up things your paranoid im sorry if i nhave ever hurt you i am but you cant keep blaiming me you need to admit your doingings ive not lied to you for so long i even have to send you pics and thats not enough any more but to the girl i once loved back in the day i dont hate you i loved you so much and with all my heart i would always put you first i cant hold on no more hoping you will show me your self again i'm just disapointed what you have became. i will always keep the momory of use back then and how we used to be sometimes i do see you come back to me and i get flutters but the you now she killed me inside and she cant see whats she done i will be the best dad can be and if you need out u only need to ask tc ok my geek


Tess1983 - July 31

Omg you seriously need to stop arguing on here and talk this out together like adults, both of you are playing a game of he said and she said, when you both seem to be forgetting 1 important thing you have 2 beautiful babies coming into this world who will need all the love and support they can get from both of you rather than petty arguing on a's either a case of be together or don't be together but for goodness sake just grow up and start thinking about your babies and not yourselves


E457 - August 23

right there with ya, it def sucks


eb12057 - August 24

I hope everything works out for the two of you. My now Ex-girlfriend and I are no longer together. The girl who told me, do not ever ask me to have an abortion, (which I wouldn't have)did just that. She gave me a line about how she can't be with anyone because she suffers from depression. She just completely changed from the pregnancy. It is so weird. I was hoping it was hormones, and she would come back around, but she just got mean and nasty. She still wanted to hang out after she had the abortion, but I am done after all the unneeded BS she has put me through in the last few months. We knew each other for about 15 yrs or more, so this just came out of nowhere. It just proves that you have to be careful, even with someone you think you know. If I did something to justify any of this I would understand it a little more. She recently sent me a text saying she feels terrible about how everything went down, and hopes that someday I will forgive her, but I won't. I guess you never really know someone, until its to late.


richie 43 - August 24

Been reading what your going through I was on here two years ago with exactly the same thing .I wish I could say it all works out and you will be a happy family but sometimes its not the daughter is now two and I adore her and my time I get with her but it was a long hard battle with my ex and the courts.on a plus note having three court hearings the courts were in my favour as I had tried everything possible to have regular contact but my ex was just being awkward all the time and full of lies .it takes time and gets frustrating at times but bite the bullet and it will all come good for you in the end maybe not with your ex but certainly with your child and I have to say its the best feeling in the world and I wish you the very best .


Brando - January 17

I've been trying to do some research on what's going on with my girlfriend right now. We had been dating about a year, and about 7 months in, She let me be her first. Well 3 months later, She got pregnant. The first month was great, We were talking about marriage, being a family and raising our child together. One day we were out shopping and everything was great, We were laughing and having an amazing time, We went home to our apartment and laid in bed still talking about everything and we fell asleep. Literally overnight things took a complete 180 turn for the worst. We woke up and things started being weird, She got distant, Avoided me, and just didn't talk to me much at all. One day she decided to move back in with her parents, and thing started getting even more strange. We hung out a little bit while at her parents house, But things just seemed so cold, i wasn't sure what was going on. About 3 months into the pregnancy she decided she couldn't handle the stress of the relationship anymore and decided that we should put things off and see what happened later on after the baby got here, I reluctantly agreed with her. Now that we have done that, We've mostly all but stopped talking to each other, I'll visit her parents house every now and then, And it's just a cold hello and goodbye. She really hasn't allowed me to go to any of the appointments except to find out the sex of our child. Our relationship was great before the pregnancy, It came as a surprise to both of us, Birth control failed, Condom broke, and neither of us were supposed to be able to concieve without treatments. Needless to say we're here at almost 6 months along, and things just seem to be growing worse, No matter what i do, what i say there just seems to be a distance between us that isn't getting any better at all. SHe's bonding with her mother alot since all of this happened, WHich i really love considering the past was rocky for them. She has never told me or her mother that she doesn't want to work things out, just that she's unsure if we can. I've been here for her from the begining and I've never even had a thought of walking away, She's irreplaceable. Now she's been updating me on her own about the doctor's appointments, which is great that i know about these things. I recently realized that she blocked me on facebook from seeing her posts. Not sure what the deal with that is, But no big deal. I can already sit here and say that i know 100% that there isn't another guy in her life. WHen she's not with her mom, She's working, and vice versa. I know i am the father of this child, I'm the only guy that she has ever been with, Even that she's been in a long relationship with. before all of this happened she hated most men because of somethings that happened in her past, I'll not go into that because i respect her and her privacy, But she completely opened up to me, Which she had never done with anyone else. and our relationship had turned into something completely amazing, We both thought that we are soulmates, and it felt so right even from day one. Now she's in a stage of not knowing what's gonna happen between us, Unsure if she even loves me at all, and no idea if she wants to continue the relationship later on. I've remained faithful. I have no plans of dating anyone else, Like i explained to her mother, WHen the baby comes my time is going to consist of work, My daughter, and sleep between shifts. I'm at a loss here at what to say or do anymore. She says she's afraid of being a single mother, Yet she's making herself out to be one. I won't lie I'm completely scared to death that I'm going to lose her and our child. I know our daughter comes first before the relationship, This has been a rough pregnancy on her due to her own health problems and she's constantly in pain. She's become uncomfortable with me being around alot, So i've backed off and I'm rarely trying to make contact with her to avoid stressing her out, and I've not mentioned anything about our relationship, or what it may or may not become later on. I told her that no matter what happened between us, that I'd always be there for her and our daughter, and she took that as me saying i didn't want to try later on, but her mom talked her down from that. At this point, She doesnt't want to give our child my last name unless we work things out and get married, Then she said she would get it ammended, I respect her decision on that, She's stated that she doesn't want to file for child support, And i reaasured her that she wouldn't have to because i'd be there to support her already, and I WILL, stay true to that. I'm just at a standstill, I've no reason to walk away, But I seriously need some advice on this from fathers, Or soon to be fathers going through the same thing.



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