My Pregnant Girlfriend Seems To Hate Me

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Brando - January 17

I've been trying to do some research on what's going on with my girlfriend right now. We had been dating about a year, and about 7 months in, She let me be her first. Well 3 months later, She got pregnant. The first month was great, We were talking about marriage, being a family and raising our child together. One day we were out shopping and everything was great, We were laughing and having an amazing time, We went home to our apartment and laid in bed still talking about everything and we fell asleep. Literally overnight things took a complete 180 turn for the worst. We woke up and things started being weird, She got distant, Avoided me, and just didn't talk to me much at all. One day she decided to move back in with her parents, and thing started getting even more strange. We hung out a little bit while at her parents house, But things just seemed so cold, i wasn't sure what was going on. About 3 months into the pregnancy she decided she couldn't handle the stress of the relationship anymore and decided that we should put things off and see what happened later on after the baby got here, I reluctantly agreed with her. Now that we have done that, We've mostly all but stopped talking to each other, I'll visit her parents house every now and then, And it's just a cold hello and goodbye. She really hasn't allowed me to go to any of the appointments except to find out the sex of our child. Our relationship was great before the pregnancy, It came as a surprise to both of us, Birth control failed, Condom broke, and neither of us were supposed to be able to concieve without treatments. Needless to say we're here at almost 6 months along, and things just seem to be growing worse, No matter what i do, what i say there just seems to be a distance between us that isn't getting any better at all. SHe's bonding with her mother alot since all of this happened, WHich i really love considering the past was rocky for them. She has never told me or her mother that she doesn't want to work things out, just that she's unsure if we can. I've been here for her from the begining and I've never even had a thought of walking away, She's irreplaceable. Now she's been updating me on her own about the doctor's appointments, which is great that i know about these things. I recently realized that she blocked me on facebook from seeing her posts. Not sure what the deal with that is, But no big deal. I can already sit here and say that i know 100% that there isn't another guy in her life. WHen she's not with her mom, She's working, and vice versa. I know i am the father of this child, I'm the only guy that she has ever been with, Even that she's been in a long relationship with. before all of this happened she hated most men because of somethings that happened in her past, I'll not go into that because i respect her and her privacy, But she completely opened up to me, Which she had never done with anyone else. and our relationship had turned into something completely amazing, We both thought that we are soulmates, and it felt so right even from day one. Now she's in a stage of not knowing what's gonna happen between us, Unsure if she even loves me at all, and no idea if she wants to continue the relationship later on. I've remained faithful. I have no plans of dating anyone else, Like i explained to her mother, WHen the baby comes my time is going to consist of work, My daughter, and sleep between shifts. I'm at a loss here at what to say or do anymore. She says she's afraid of being a single mother, Yet she's making herself out to be one. I won't lie I'm completely scared to death that I'm going to lose her and our child. I know our daughter comes first before the relationship, This has been a rough pregnancy on her due to her own health problems and she's constantly in pain. She's become uncomfortable with me being around alot, So i've backed off and I'm rarely trying to make contact with her to avoid stressing her out, and I've not mentioned anything about our relationship, or what it may or may not become later on. I told her that no matter what happened between us, that I'd always be there for her and our daughter, and she took that as me saying i didn't want to try later on, but her mom talked her down from that. At this point, She doesnt't want to give our child my last name unless we work things out and get married, Then she said she would get it ammended, I respect her decision on that, She's stated that she doesn't want to file for child support, And i reaasured her that she wouldn't have to because i'd be there to support her already, and I WILL, stay true to that. I'm just at a standstill, I've no reason to walk away, But I seriously need some advice on this from fathers, Or soon to be fathers going through the same thing.


richie 43 - January 17

Hi bud ive been through this and my daughter is now 2 and a half the most important thing is that you are the father and nobody can take that away from you.i hope after your child is born you can sit down and resolve the issues unfortnately it dosnt work out the way you hope I didnt for me and I went through hell and back with courts to see my daughter .but I can say the struggle I had has all been worth it I enjoy my weekends with my little one and she knows her daddy loves her the only advice I can give you is give her the space and if its not meant to be just enjoy fatherhood nothing beats it .


DENZIL - April 10

HEY THERE, man am i pleased to see that im indeed not the only one going through this pain. see my woman and i did initially plan for a baby we lost the first one due to a car accident she was involved in. we both were very heart broken about it, and made means to deal with it together, we became closer to each other thereafter. That brought us to decide to try again, and well we now 7 weeks pregnant and geez are thing really tough, she started becoming very distant on the 6th week, after that came her snapping at me for the smallest things possible, now she get nausea every time she smells my scent or cologne. she stopped hugging and kissing me, by that i mean even on the cheek. She never wants to talk about it, every time i do, she gets irritated and shuts me off. i love her so much and i try so hard to believe its the hormones but its hard now beause i dont even know where i stand with her now. am i being patien for a down fall at the end or will things jus work out. i just dont understand why we got to go through such, cause i mean i dont even know if i should continue being supportive or do i just give her space. she talks to other people around us like everything is okay, but with me its the total opposite. im clueless now.. please help


boxervillesbronco - June 1

I am going through a difficult time. My girlfriend and I had the best relationship, as perfect as you can get it. We were falling in love with each other and completely compatible except she wished I opened up more. Well she told me one day she missed me (we are 2 hour long distance from each other) and catching me on a bad day I told her she doesn't need to tell me how much she misses me all the time. This upset her big time. I still wanted to be with her but she "had to think about thing". I gave her two days of space. She finally texted me back "hi" and I told her very excitedly how much I missed her and want to get back together and work on things. She asked why I didn't call or text her. I told her I was giving you space. She still needed "time to think" which upset me and I pretty much said well it must be over if you need this much time to think. Anyway after four days I finally swallowed my pride and asked her to be back with me. I poured my heart out to her and told her every emotion I was feeling. She still needed time and wasn't ready to get back with me. A week later she tells me she is pregnant. I was excited. I wanted to spin her around the world with joy and hoped this would be the moment we would get back together. Nope! She said this changes everything but I still don't want to be with you. I was n away! I know she was falling in love with me. We both had a perfect relationship except for the fact that I was insensitive the one single time with my comment about "don't tell me you miss me". Since then I've been on my knees crying in a park asking her to give me another chance. I dressed up and even put a bow tie on my boxer dog to come along with me. I made signs expressing my love for her and to please take me back and let me be everything you need to be. I got absolutely no emotion from her at all. She still doesn't want to be with me. I am completely n away at her cold nature now. She is literally emotionless. I don't know how a girl could be falling in love over 4 months and in the matter of 2 weeks feel nothing for me simply because I was insensitive once. I mean it's not like I cheated on her or abused her. I was the perfect gentlemen 99.9% of the time in our relationship. This website has brought me comfort knowing it could be her hormones doing nasty nasty things to her but IDK. I am dying inside and all I want to do is taking her to her doctors appts, rub cocoa er on her belly, show her off, get pictures of her pregnant belly and be a good father. I want to fall in love with this child while it is growing inside her but she doesn't want me around. She still occasionally texts me but I don't know if she is doing that out of charity or what. I hope to god it is the hormones and once they cool down she will take me back. I cannot believe she would rather raise this baby alone without me. I say alone because I am in the military and moving to Texas from Oregon in 7 months. How the hell am I suppose to grow to love my child when I am thousands of miles away. I told her that and she says there is always Skype and visits. Really!? A few minutes of Skype each day and a weekend trip once or twice a year IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Anyway, heartbroken and trying to be patient and hope she comes around to realize a two-parent household is the best thing for our child. She is 4-5 weeks pregnant today as of Jun 1 2015. Praying for hope and strength.


kikijnr - June 2

Hi. For those who were left, did any of you get back with their spouses? i am going through the same issue, worst thing is, she even wants to get back with the ex. is that normal?


DAD408 - July 12

Hello there, I found out I was to become a father early February 2015, me and my partner were no longer together at the time, when I found out we were pregnant I asked her to get back with me. Of course she said no. I have bee reading this blog and many others where people find themselves in similar situations. I have to say that the majority of cases are never reported in their completion, but the ones that do give us hope. I too loved the relationship that me and my baby mother had. We started having real issues when she was 4 weeks pregnant. and ever sense then we have been at odds. I really love her and want her to have my child, but she can not stand to be around me. So like every man in here I am broken hearted and distraught. I have attended most of the doctor visits, the one I missed is because she asked me NOT to be there. Honestly it has been more than 11 days sense I have seen her or my baby bump,I have been giving giving her the space that every body recommends I give her. This is the longest I have gone without texting or calling her. I just hope my sacrifice is not in vain. My baby is due on October 10th, and apparently we are having a Little Girl. Hopefully My baby momma comes back to her loving self after our baby is born, None the less I will do my best to inform you guys on our outcome, so that you may prepare yourselves for what can happen in your case.



Presley k - December 17

Im currently going through the same thing my girlfriend hates me she doesnt want to see me any where now its been two months since the last time we spoke its like shes not the girl i feel in love with shes pushing me away and at the current state that im in i dont think even after the baby is born we will work things out


egary00 - January 2

I feel so much better after reading some of these comments.  Ive been going through the same situation. The pregnancy was somewhat planned. We were all about each other, never fought, etc. The day of the first doctor appointment she flipped on me and her family and said she didn't want this anymore. She was so excited up until the night before the appointment and just lost it.  We were so happy about having a child and she cut all ties with me, knowing I did absolutely nothing wrong and treated her like a princess. She hasn't talked to me in about a week, she's blocked you number and blocked me from social media. She is probably close to the 10 week mark so I'm hoping this is all just hormones and from what I have read with the other posts, I feel a little bit better about this being just a phase! 


Fathertobe212 - January 18

Hi this is my first post. My girlfriend is almost 3 months pregnant, some days are great we talk about what's to come with our child, our relationship, getting a place together all the things I want in my lIfe. Then the next week it's hell on earth she says I'm never there for her, she puts me down hard like worst then grade school jokes and she doesn't want anything to do with me. She tells me the child isn't yours and questions why she is with me on the daily and tbh it hurts her tone is so brutal.  A person so sweet should not talk like that. I love her to death but I have school to finish and starting my second job and she just pummels me with cheap shot after cheap shot. 


Nelsonef9 - November 18

Hello everyone I'm a single Dad and i just found a beautiful girl friend who loves my kids (7-11) as much as i do she has no kid's and we Love each so much and are relationship was going perfect and all of a sudden she started acting different and really mean she went to the doc's and found out she prego and we were so happy.Then out of no where she started being super mean and looking at me with so much hate and saying mean thing's . She went to work on Monday and never came back and told me two day's later that she was staying with her parents because she tried of me doing everything and her just being mean to me. She stop calling me and reply on texts for a week and finally reply ill be over on Saturday. well she did and she said is get ready your're meeting my family i was like okay great we went meet her family it was great her father and I were talking all night she went home with me. Next day we went with my family she told me to tell the rest of my family member's that's she prego and we did then we stayed all day with them as soon as we were driving home she said she can't stand me i was like wtf to myself. Shewent to work and never came back no anwer or reply again one day she asnwered at night and said WHAT DO YOU WHAT STOP CLLING ME  i was Noemy i just wondering if you can say good night to my 7 year old who loves her to death and she with her every night and ask me every night Dad is coming home Daddy and i tell him idk baby and most night he cry's him self to sleep sucks so much seeing him heart broken and I meself feel like i can't breath and live without her and my heart and soul hurt every day. So many thing's run through my head what did i do is she seeing someone else does she not love me any more. I tell her Good morning and good night everyday and tell her i'm here for her no matter what time or day but only twice i got a reply goodnight. Her mom and Aunt tell me to be patient that it'll pass that they were the same with their Husband/boyfriend that's just their family for me. To tell you the truth i'm so scarded of losing her and i love her and my kid's so much i can't bare seeing my life without her and it hurts also not having her or my baby their so much......................BTW she'll be 10 Weeks on Tuesday...If any can help me i would really appericate it and Thank you for you're time.


loveforum - March 27


Dear Dr Obodo, My husband and I are going to the doctor today as I found out to be POSITIVE yesterday. I am in tears as I write these words. I am sure you get plenty of letter like this every day but I just wanted to thank you for the pregnancy spell and for giving hope to women at my age. I am 46 and I am finally going to be a mother. May god bless you Dr Obodo and your family. Reach Doc for help at templeofanswer@hotmail. co. uk "


loveforum - March 27

"I got a call from my lover today asking for my forgiveness and I just wanted to let you know Dr Obodo that I am extremely impressed. Keep up the good work. I will definitely be ordering more . everyone E-mail Dr Obodo at templeofanswer@hotmail. co. uk if you needs his help Thanks! "


Jaywhaley1234 - June 25

Thank you for sharing your story it helps so many!


Jaywhaley1234 - June 25

Reading this helps my situation so much and I feels a lot better 



Jaywhaley1234 - June 30

Anyone have good happy endings?


shellymorrel - July 22

I & my boyfriend was planning to get married last month, just last week we had some argument that made him get angry on me just because of the argument, he said we will not marry me again and the next day he left me and we broke up. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted dr_mack[at] yahoo [dot] com! to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. he came back after 3 days, we are happily married now,



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