My Pregnant Girlfriend Seems To Hate Me

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shellymorrel - July 22

I & my boyfriend was planning to get married last month, just last week we had some argument that made him get angry on me just because of the argument, he said we will not marry me again and the next day he left me and we broke up. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted dr_mack[at] yahoo [dot] com! to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. he came back after 3 days, we are happily married now,


mouhamadoundiaye454 - September 26

Hello everyone. I just wanted to thank whoever posted this thread about pregnancy hormones. My name is Mouhamadou. I am currently engaged to a wonderful lady. We moved in together like 2 months ago. Everything started well. She cooked for me, took care of me in every way possible. In late August, we found out that we were pregnant(her second pregnancy and the first one for me). I love her 5-yeear old very much. We get along so well me and that little prince to the pount I am considering afopting him as my own child. Our sex life was really amazing, not gonna lie about it. She is currently 6 weeks, but this pregnancy has been a nightmare for me. She cries for no reason and I was always by her side comforting her, hugging her, kissing her, holding her hand and everything. After her emotional moments, she ends up wanting to make love. I thought everything will calm down after the lovemaking, but it got worse. The arguments were wild, she curses me out all the time, calling me names like bum, nigger, a**hole, bastard, all the dirty names that can even exist on Earth. Even today, in the morning, we were talking on the phone and  she was like « I am gonna take that ugly black baby out since I hate him and his father so much ». Later on the day, she was all sweet like I want to spend time with you and the baby, make love and all that story. Then tonight, she goes back again bringing all my depression up (yes, I suffer from depression) and making me feel like I am a good for nothing, will be the worst father on earth, can not make any woman happy, I use people for my own benefit and all of that. I tolerated a lot in the beginning, but after a while, I lost it to the point I said things that I don’t even mean. I am a good person by nature, but this hormone story is driving me nuts. She’s like now she wants to leave and stuff. I am like ok, not a problem, because I really got tired of the lashing out. I do everything, cleaned the house, feed the fishes, cleaned the fish tank (which brought a fight because I have to seek her approval and I am like in my mind I am trying to help out and this is how you thank me. I know very well how to clean a fish tank maybe better than her). I really love this woman, but I am really tired of this emotional abuse. It’s taking a toll on me physically, emotionally. My appetite is gone, my sex drive oh forget about it. I am not even in the mood for that. Today, I was like, if you want to talk nicely I am here to listen, but since she acted up, I left her alone, which pissed her off. I love this woman and want to spend the rest of my life with her and the boys. However, I can’t take this anymore. Any advices will be greatly appreciated



Darren49 - December 27

Ive been with my girlfriend for 5 months she has an 18 month daughter,  we wanted a baby of our own we found out about 3-4 weeks ago she is already 3+ weeks pregnant, shes worried about having it as she has alot going on so she thinks an abortion is a good option for now. We have had a few arguments about it but i now understand why she wants the abortion and i will suppport her in the decision. Lately in past week from being loving and ok with eachother she doesnt want anything to do with me atm, no matter what positives i put into her head or do for her she doesnt want to know or even speak to me. We have split up but i am wondering is this down to pregnancy hormones, ive read on here alot of people have gone through the same what im going through, any advice?


Lishacool - April 30

Hi to everyone. I'm new here and I would love to share my experience to every mother and to those who wished to be a mother someday. I have been in marriage for 13 yrs with no child of my own and my husband loved me so much that he never do things without me. We do almost everything together and that made my marriage so romantic and interesting for me but i have always worried about having my own kids even if it's just one. My husband never seem to be worried or talked about it and it bothered me so much. I am really short of words of what happened later but i will try to put it in a short note because it's my greatest joy on earth. Few years back my husband fell into the hand of a gold digger who tried to take him away from me. This lady manipulated my husband and he took her side and left home to stay with her for almost a year i was alone crying day by day waiting for him to call me and come back home until it got so bad that I couldn't bear it anymore and i was about giving up on him because of these online Fake spell casters and Scams who rip off my money. This is certainly a shocking and genuine living Testimony of mine and it does goes on right now in my life. I came across some suggestions and i was convinced to work with this man after i expressed what i have been passing through to DR MUNA. He told me what i needed to know and requested for an ancient items he needed to work for me  I cant get those items myself and i sent him some money for him to help me and hoping this is another Scam. But when DR MUNA called me and told me he is done with my work. My husband came back home with a surprised apology gift. I had him back and right till this moment we have loved each other again more and more and i am 6 months pregnant and i will be having my third child soon. This is an extraordinary blessing and to all soon to be a mother I am telling you nothing but my true life story and here his email ID  marvel spell temple @ g mail. com Whatsapp contact +2 3 4 8 0 7 1 6 6 0 3 8 8


Surprised42 - December 17

I totally identify with this. My newly married wife and I are expecting. We were even planning to have a child before we married, but I guess it happened sooner than expected and for her to cope with it. 19 weeks and it’s still been a nightmare.

No matter what I do, it’s the wrong thing and she overreacts and then gives the silent treatment. I try so hard to do what’s right, but she seems to loathe me. She seems perfectly happy, talkative and fun with everyone else except me. I feel like I’m the devil incarnate to her.

I really hope it’s the hormones and then I can be stronger. Reading these posts gives me some reassurance that I’m not alone. I will try to tough it out because I am excited about becoming a dad and I love my wife very much. But it’s just so hard to cope.


Nick7735 - November 29

Hey dude, i been reading a ton of what you've been saying back to @john8424

I am LITERALLY going through the exact same scenario currently as both of you. I dont have anyone that i know thats been through a similar situation so its been really helpful reading what you guys have been talking about. I would love to get some advice from you or even to just talk to someone about my scenario as well and how to feel and progress moving forward. Please reach out if you can, im not sure how far back these messages are or if you guys are still currently communicating or dealing with this but i would love someone to talk to whose been through almost the exact same scenario



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