My Wife And I Have Been Ttc For Like A Year

19 Replies - August 31

My wife and I have been ttc for like a year. Not that I can complain about the trying part, but we’re getting discouraged. Any tips from the dads and future dads out there?


Trackzero - January 29

uh…what’s ttc? You gotta speak daddy speak, not web speak


Da! - January 29

Trying to Conceive


Trackzero - January 29

Oh…yeah, I knew that…just kidding…yeah, keep trying, it’s the best part ha ha. No really, go on a 2 week vacation to someplace tropical. Worked for me and the wife, really.


Ken - February 1

Have you been to a doctor? My brother-in-law and my sister tried for years. They went to the doctor and found out that she had complications that would make it hard to conceive a child and on top of it his s____n was too thick. He had to use some type of medicine where he had to insert a small tube into his p___s to administer the medicine to thin his s____n before s_x. It worked but unfortunately because of my sister's medical problems she had a miscarraige. They tried three times before it got too dangerous for her. They finally ended up adopting a little girl and she is the joy of their lives. I'm not trying to scare you just saying to make sure you check out all of the possibilities.


Raelynn - February 1

Go to a fertility clinic. It could be possible that one or both of you has a problem.


Mike - March 11

Do doctors check the blood from the baby and the father to see if they are a match or is that only when you want a paternity test?


Maureen - May 28

My Gyno. Dr. told me to have s_x every second day with my husband and within 2 months we were pregnant. Try it, you have nothing to loose.


David - June 2

My wife and I have been trying to concieve for about 9 months now. We went to the doctor and everything is fine, we should be able to with no problem, but nothing is happening. We have intercourse at least every other day and up to 3 times a day. We've tried everything... Anyone have any ideas??? Because I'm sure out of ideas..


lea - June 22

It always seems when it comes to baby making,trying too hard ends up being the problem.There is too much pressure on both sides but mainly the male feels it and may hinder performance. If you firstly find out both of you are able to have a baby and there are no medical reasons why it hasnt happened yet then just relax about it and dont look at it as such a hard and fast goal you must accomplish.When the time is right,and it is meant to be, the baby will come. Just relax about it and let nature take its course.Good Luck to you.


paul - June 23

You sould figure out when your wife is ovulating and do the deed then. They sell those kind of kits in stores. Good Luck!!!


kev - August 23

I agree with lea. don't try so hard. When you do conceive, it will be out of love not frustration.


me - August 30

well i aint a man but i can tell you. tell her to go in and git firtility pill and have 2 weeks befor and to weeks after


sola - August 31

i am married for 2 yers i want wife to be pregnent let me know how


Lisa - October 1

I am a 13 year old and I have a 9 month old baby. I started my period at 12 and i have a boyfried.I leave my baby with my friend.My mother does not know!!!


Muhammad Waseem - October 21

I have been married from the last 3 months and been trying to have a baby in the future,but i d'nt know rather i'm doing the right way or the wrong way, other thing that she leaked after i leaked in her,please explain this sitution.


sheila - December 11

I have been pregnant for the past 3 years. I lost them. During that time I was going through some life changes and very stressful times. His mother was a big problem, it was not untill I told that woman how I really felt and she left my house did I get pregnant. My point is to take her away from any stressful situations you all may be in. Get drunk and have fun(smile).



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